Outrageous Treatment

I have two cars with ONTO and have had, for nearly 3 years. Today, my wife was informed her car was being collected for non-payment.

Apparently my Amex card failed, and we had one email sent to tell us then boom, the car is booked to be collected and to add insult to injury, you want her to pay £99 to collect it!

Cards fail, but one simple phone call, and I would have given a new card to use! Maybe it would be a smart idea to allow people to add a backup payment method too.

The woman on the phone was both patronising and unhelpful (Maz) to her, even after explaining the situation.

I am currently in Ukraine on humanitarian aid delivery and missed the non-payment email.

Unbelievable treatment, especially as I send many customers to ONTO every month via my YouTube channel, carsubscriber.

Hi @papercut , thanks for raising, that issn’t the process we have in place should we have a pre auth failure. We should be making attempts by phone and email before taking actions like that.

I’ll get the team to review this morning and we will see what we can do to get this sorted out


I was hoping to use the Fiat 500 to do more videos to promote ONTO Adam, so it would be great to simply change my card details over and keep the car. I can assure you there was no phone call to my wife and she was the one to call once you realised what happened.

Many companies offer one primary method of payment and a backup such as Paypal, Google and various Web hosting companies that offer a service that is vital to keep running.

@papercut Agree that is what we should have done and that is certainly how the process is meant to work. I’ve asked the team to follow up with her this morning and we will get this resolved. Ref payment methods I agree that we should have primary , secondary and will review this with our tech team to see what it will take to get that put in place.


If you are promoting OntO then maybe get a proper marketing contract with OntO, but then again I don’t think your YouTube channel is big enough (1K subs and max latest reviews at under 5k views)…

Maybe one for the marketing team to think about a proper affiliate programme for Youtubers and Instagrammers… where they only get a reward after x months of a subscription, and then in cash as not a discount… @Adam_at_Onto

And your point about backup payment methods, None of the Mobile Networks do (which is how the subscription services sell it to us as been as easy as), and in fact they are very quick to cut off service and start charging you for the privilege of being cut off…

I feel for you, but you would be surprised at the made up crap people use to not pay for things, so I sympathise with all Customer Services, and it will be people taking the mick that will have spoilt it for everyone, and its the same with people throwing Social Media in, im a Youtuber, im on Twitter, etc, etc, unless you have 100K+ of followers companies don’t seem to care…

It might be worth speaking to AMEX as well as surely like all CC’s nowadays they notify when things are approved or declined in app or by SMS, even when a wrong card is used…

Hope it gets sorted for you as it could be a honest mistake


Will pass that onto to the marketing team @mozzauk


Think onto try to take the payment every ten minutes for four days before any extremism. If they managed to call for a collection of car date, chances are they would have called before for payment. You can always ask for a payment extension next time. But that has to be three days before contract expires no matter what county you’re in.

They did not call, my wife called them when I received the email for collection.

My car is paid for by my 1k subscriber channel and pretty soon, so will my wife’s. It’s just a muse really and I wanted to see if it was possible.

Maybe keep your number updated or divert it when abroad. Do you not have online banking?

Thanks for your assistance Adam, the matter has now been resolved successfully.


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Heads up

Hope your declaring the income to HMRC, otherwise you find yourself in deep trouble…

Maybe OntO should look at partnering with legitimate channels with bigger reach, and not spammy youtube channels

Maybe one for Marketing to look at, to make sure they are only been linked to reputable channels…

@NickyOH does right to call out the things they have…


@mozzauk I spoke with marketing and they said if you’d like to discuss further your idea’s around a programme like that drop them a note on [email protected]


thanks @Adam_at_Onto when I get 5 minutes i will get something written up, and send it other to them…

Bare in mind I will have to charge consultancy :stuck_out_tongue: and not sure OntO can afford it :rofl:


It’s great that this has changed from a negative to a positive thread. Well done @mozzauk. If you get any consultancy fees, please let me know. Considering my public and private input, I’ll then send them my invoice!! :wink: