Open / visible waitlist

Hi Evezy,

Clearly this whole increased communication around waitlist positions and proactive updates has been an utter failure. Instead of focussing on that - how hard would it be for you guys to have an open sheet which shows some unique ID (subscriber ID?) and their position? I don’t know why this should be a huge complex manual activity - you literally have a list of IDs, and when people get their cars you update the status to ‘issued’ or something.

Again, this list should take 10 seconds to update when you get your new cars in - this isn’t exactly rocket science that requires recalculating everything, unless you have some critieria where people can jump the queue and you don’t want that to be made visible?

It would also mean you don’t get daily calls from customers asking for updates.


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Your not the first to ask / suggest this !
I doubt you’ll be the last.

Please Evezy do this!

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Hi @chamelion, thanks for your suggestion, we are working to automate the waiting list. However, we have been giving members updates and will continue to do so. Regarding jumping the queue, this is not something we do and we want to reassure you that people are added to the waiting list in the order they request it.

If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know!

Hi Lily,

Thanks for the input!

The member update piece (lack of it) is why I’m suggesting this in the first place. I received that one-time email from you on the 24th of January stating my position on the list, and the one-time update from Rob on 23rd of January stating “If you are on the waiting list then we will be emailing you frequently to update you on your position, starting with an email tomorrow.”

This is a case of clarity on what “Frequently” meant - what most assumed was that this would be once a month / when there were changes or advancements, rather than once per quarter?

Based on the number of “what’s the update” messages on these boards and on other forums, everyone is in the dark.

Right now I don’t know where I am on the waitlist, have no communications from you, and don’t know when / if I’ll even get a car. Is it months? Years? Decades? Should I just get a replacement lease car or continue my short term rental elsewhere in the hopes that my situation (Which isn’t unique) is just a month or two away?

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Everyone received an email with the updated waiting list positions at the end of February. If you haven’t received one you should give evezy a call to see why yours was missed.


Thanks for heads up, i didn’t get any update. Just called - seems I’ve gone up a few slots.


Sorry about that, @chamelion. We will send another update towards the end of March too, which includes your position as well as an estimate time frame. We’ve been doing them monthly since the announcement.

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i haven’t had one email advising me on position.

Assumption is you have been on a waitlist for at least a month. And if so…
give Evezy a call and find out where you are on the waitlist and ensure they have your email correctly on the system, otherwise you might never find out.

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Yeah i have a SR+ already but put my name down for a performance late October, I’m actually bored of calling now. I was position 29 2 weeks ago…

I really like this idea, although data protection may be a bit of a pain, maybe have an update on your online account that shows you as position x of xx people?