Oops - Sheffield's (in)famous bus gates

I got a PCN tonight from the lovely folks at Sheffield City Council for driving through a bus gate to get to the parking space …

It took Sheffield City Council a month to issue the Ticket…

This is the size of the bus lane

Sheffield is famous for its bus gates and I got a ticket for driving in one on Christmas Day when no buses where running, and it was a bank holiday…

What are the chance of OntO waiving the £15 admin fee??? Ahh well lesson learnt…

I think there should be a rule like speeding tickets if its not delivered to the registered keeper within 14 days of the alleged offence then its cancelled.

What’s the damage?

£30 in 14 days , currently showing as £60 in the council portal…

Still waiting for SCC to actually send it to me…

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Never heard of a bus gate, just bus lane, so what’s the difference and how are you meant to get to the parking you used without driving through it? Go on the other side of the road?

Just googled and see the dreaded Oxford council put some in to ease things after the pandemic. Timed entry only. Might just as well say it’s a bus lane only and close it to all other traffic

We have tram gates as well…

Basically its a cash cow for councils, and they are meant to allow free movement for buses… but not many buses go down there…


So how do you know that you’ve got it before being informed by ONTO?

I didnt, just reading the email from OntO, which said it should be reduced back to the 14 day costings… and Sheffield Councils portal shows all the workflow steps…

If you would like to pay for the PCN, you can do so with the information provided on the copy attached. However, in the unlikely event that the PCN has increased from the reduced amount, please wait for the issuing authority to send you correspondence as they will give you the opportunity to pay the reduced amount if liability is successfully transferred.


I can’t see any vehicle committing the offence in that image, was there another one?

Worth posting up at pepipoo forums when you get the PCN to see of there is any flaws that invalidate the PCN

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Its me alright…

Must have been busy trying to get back to the parking bay…


I’d still recommend forums.pepipoo.com when you get the PCN. Be sure to scan and post all of the PCN, they are great at spotting errors that can win the case.


Thought, I would update this with what happened…

OntO kindly waived the PCN Admin Charge, and it has taken Sheffield City Council a month to send out the updated PCN and the charge reduced to £30 which i paid today :slight_smile: and sent the receipt to OntO.


Never heard of a bus gate before. If I drove to Sheffield I’d probably accidentally drive through them if at night (unless you get notice like in London that a lane is about to become a bus lane?)

You do get some notice especially at Hillsborough Corner and one just around the corner on The Wicker.

There are now 6 in about 1 square mile

This one is quite new, and at the weekend when I went to Sheffield Space Centre (An awesome comic book shop), what used to be parking is now double yellow lined…

A ‘Bus Gate’ is a short section of road blocked off to all traffic except buses , cycles and taxis (hackney carriages) as shown by appropriate signage.

Sheffield is very anti- car and it is getting worse, the only good thing is the green permit, allowing free parking in Council Owned parking bays


That sneaky one on Furnival Gate is the most annoying, it was bad enough having to turn left and do a u-turn, now they’ve completely messed that up, you end up touring the city instead of a short journey… Very good for reducing traffic… not!

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There are many sneaky ones…

My favourite is the Mansfield Road bus lane, that I go a ticket from many years ago, on Christmas Day for driving in it, when there are no buses…

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Think Oxford is likely way ahead of Sheffield. Seem to remember Top Gear doing an article years ago with Jeremy Clarkson slating them.

OUCH, me too
Just had this email from ONTO this morning
Penalty Charge Notice: FD2xxxxxxxx
We’re writing to let you know that we haven’t been able to transfer the liability of your Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to you. Therefore we’ll pay the PCN fee to the issuing authority, then charge you. What happens next? Within the next 7 days, we will take a payment from your account to cover the cost of the PCN (£90.00). We’ll email you to confirm the payment has gone through and the matter is closed.
If the payment isn’t successful or if you receive an excessive number of PCNs while you have an Onto subscription, we may suspend your account pending further review.
Kind regards,
Notifications Team
I put the PCN number into the Sheffield council website and yes it was the dreaded bus gate. Any ideas how I can persuade ONTO to reduce the £90 to what it should be, that is £30?


It is up to Sheffield City Council, as i got mine reduced to what it should have been when first issued… And we all know how much SCC are useless baffoons…

All you can do is ask…

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I’d want to know exactly why. It reads as if it’s glossing over a failure somewhere in the system (caused either by incompetence at SCC or delays at ONTO), for which you’re being passed the beating. And that’s not cricket.


That sounds like an ONTO problem?

I really don’t understand what they are doing wrong, I’m guessing they are taking too long to process them, but liability should be transferred and the discount should be re-offered.

Basically ONTO are denying your legal right to appeal, making payment on your behalf AFTER letting the discount and standard payment deadlines pass, and making you pay £90 when you could have paid the discounted rate (£35 IIRC) if the nomination was made correctly.

I know SCC are pretty incompetent, but they aren’t that bad. I’d be asking them directly if they received the nomination and why it was rejected.

I think I may have an idea why this may have happened, ONTO would have to send your hire agreement to discharge liability as keeper. (This only applies to COUNCIL fines and not private companies invoices.