Onto vs Contact tracing

Yesterday I was having constant problems with the Onto app failing to connect to the car, giving various errors about there already being another request in progress, or that the car isn’t in range etc. Sometimes it was taking upwards of 10 attempts to connect to the car, failing, force-closing the app and trying again.

I Realised just now that yesterday morning I installed the NHS Scotland contact tracing app. Out of curiosity I temporarily uninstalled that app, tried to connect to my car and it worked instantly. Put the COVID-19 App back on and sure enough, it took 4 attempts to connect to the car.

Anyone else have the app? I know there are a few, but not many people here who live or regularly travel north of the border. Have you had similar problems? If England ever release an app that works in the same way, Onto are going to have a lot of people calling in with connectivity issues!


I have the NHS Scotland contact tracing app installed and, so far, have not experienced any issues. I will post here if there are any problems in the future.
I have a Pixel 4 running Android 11


Good to hear not everyone is having the same trouble.

I have the Huawei Honor 9 running Android 9. Posting that here just in case we do find a link between brands or OS versions where people are having trouble.


Absolutely, if anyone else is experiencing the same issue it would be helpful if they could post handset/OS details.

Do you have access to another phone you could use to test out both apps? I will test out on a couple of handsets and post the results here shortly.


My borough is the second region to pilot the NHS app after the Isle of Wight. I haven’t installed the app yet. Maybe I should to see if I have any issues. I’m using an iPhone 6 running iOS 12.4.8


I’ve just tested a Nokia 5/Android 10 and a Samsung Galaxy S8/Android 9 and both seem to be ok for now. I will test more handsets when I have more time.


@StEV3 Do you own a mobile phone shop? :rofl:


Only other phone I have is a Huawei P40 which I bought and completely forgot about the lack of Google Play services. Neither the contact tracing app nor Onto will work with it hence I’m still using my old one.

Might go and upgrade to something else later on today, especially since it seems to be an issue exclusively on my phone so far.

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Haha no but I am an app developer so it’s useful to have different versions of the OS available for testing :joy:

I’ve just tested out a Huawei MediaPad T3 10 on Android 8 and that seems to be working so the issue may not be entirely down to Huawei.


I don’t have the contact tracing app. And the same thing happened to me. Once a week the app would try to connect and then ask me to login in. Then couldn’t log in even though I had full signal (this has happened a few times in the last few weeks), then same as you, walking away from the car, to the car. I wish we had a key then this would be a non issue trying to get in to the car. Waiting over 10 minutes outside the car is trying at the best of times. :roll_eyes:


My first car from ONTO, A ZE50 Zoe seemed to do this a lot but it was the car itself it seems. With the same phone, I swapped to a ZE40 and the app has been rock solid, and never let me down (though still not as convenient or quick as having a key)

On this occasion I know with my phone its the NHS Tracing app because if I kill it, The Onto app works fine again.