Onto Tips: 7 tips for looking after your EV

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The fourth instalment of our Onto Tips series is here to help you get the most from your electric car.

From maintaining performance with properly inflated tyres to being aware how high and low temperatures can affect your car’s battery, we’re bringing you the know-how on the best ways to look after your electric car.

Check it out here and be sure to let us know any more of your own top tips!



Yes - probably obvious stuff to most - but I, for one, have definitely been out there washing my Onto EVs more in the last 9 months than I did my previous ICE over 6 years and the one before that over 12 years!!

(Before that I had a couple of TVRs, the first black - God did I used to get sick of cleaning them :joy::joy::joy:)

My top tip?

Choose a car in a nice bold colour - or a nice shiny black…. :thinking::joy:

And get out there cleaning down in the rain whenever it comes!

I so enjoyed one evening this week washing that Saharan dust off the black roof while it was raining around me…… is that too odd? :man_shrugging:

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I did the same thing. Soaked a sponge in car shampoo, a quick wipe over and let the rain do the rinsing. My neighbour’s were looking out of the window laughing at me!

This has strictly nothing to do with me being on a water meter. It’s actually very quick to do, as you’re not messing around with buckets and/or hoses.


Me too.
Grandmasuec thought I was mad but asked if I would wash the front bungalow windows as well and yes I did.:older_man: