Onto Tips: 7 things to do whilst you charge

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Ever found yourself wondering what to do whilst charging your EV? Well our Onto Tips series is here to help you discover some of the interesting ways you can spend your time whilst your EV’s batteries get a boost :zap:

From diving into your favourite book, taking some time for your mental health, to boosting your eco credentials… we’ve got you covered. You can check out the latest Onto Tips blog here.

How do you spend your time whilst charging your EV? Let us know below :thought_balloon:


Seriously ONTO? You’re marketing a Zoe with the signature red light of death? :laughing:

Oh, I forgot, it’s not the car, it’s the charger!


Oops. Good spot @Kev , these photos were taken as part of a recent photoshoot for the Zoe GT Line + where it wasn’t actually charging. We’ve noted this for future shoots as it’s the important to get the details right!

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