Onto sponsorship?

I currently in the British army and going to attempt to break a kite surfing world record in 2021 to raise money for the Soldiers Charity. Kitesurfing 500 nautical miles no. Stop which will take over 42 hours at sea.
I have already a few sponsors to support me during the impossible challenge but was wonder as I’m currently an onto user, would they sponsor an event and show support to the British army
Found out more info on my website

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I’m a subscriber like yourself, and not part of the ONTO team. Why don’t you try emailing Rob directly with any ideas you may have?

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Oh. I been looking through the different posts and got the idea of you been a onto team member.
I’ll have to get his email some how

Hi @jamesr72409 - sounds amazing, congratulations on the initiative! I’d love for us to be able to help support you if we can, I will get one of our team to reach out to you over email.



Thank you for the reply and look forward to discussing our potential sponsorship.
[email protected]

Hello @Rob_Evezy
Maybe it is too soon but I have not heard anything at the moment.
James Roe

Onto Hyundai Ioniq park at one of my sponsors
Southampton Harbour Hotel

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