Onto Research Session - Help us improve Onto

Hi all,

As you’ve seen in the past few months we’ve undergone a number of changes with our website, app, and service - all with the goal of improving our customer experience.

Next up on our list is the car booking process, which is in need of some love!

As part of this, we’d love to speak to a number of you, our customers, to understand a bit more about the decisions you make when booking a car, as well as the way in which we make it easy (or difficult) for you at the moment.

We’re setting up individual 30 minute sessions this coming Friday and Monday in which you can book in and speak with us. During the session we’ll ask a few questions, show you some initial wireframe designs, and ask for feedback

All information captured will be confidential, and in no way impacts your current subscription with us.

Anyone who’s a current member (with or without an active subscription) can sign up.

We really appreciate your time and hope that this will help to improve the service for all current and future Onto members.

To book please visit this link: https://calendly.com/product-onto/30min

Ayman & The Onto Product Team


Wow, that filled up really quickly - thanks so much to those who’ve signed up! For those who didn’t get an opportunity: we’ll be running more sessions over the coming weeks/months!



I didn’t get to book in for a session but I have one idea. When choosing the car u have to put date first to see what colours are available which can be lengthly as I went thru about 27 dates just to find the colour I want . I think it would be easier to click the colour u want and then it will show what dates that are available or if available at all


@Justinbilli hopefully someone who is participating will read this excellent suggestion…and pass it off as their own idea! :wink:

Don’t worry though, @Ayman_at_Onto will know the truth.

I’ve managed to get booked on one, so will happily pass along the suggestion (and not steal it as my own!) if Onto staff don’t acknowledge it before my slot.

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Thanks @Justinbilli - Appreciate the feedback!

Out of interest, how important is the actual colour of the car vs the specific car model in your decision-making.

For me the e-208 has to be yellow! Probably still would have gone for it, but would have constantly been disappointed that I didn’t get the colour I wanted.

For me as a new subscriber I cared more about getting it asap. I went for whatever colour was available just to get it sooner. But yellow would’ve been my first choice too.

If the booking page was a calendar plotting the cars available by day and colour then you can very easily see which one you’d go for.

For me, it’s pretty low down the priority list, but it’s still a (small) factor.

It wouldn’t make me change model, or stop me renting, but I would have happily adjusted my delivery date by a couple of weeks if it meant I could get the 208 in something other than white!


Colour is a relatively minor factor.

Trim level and any added options relative to price is much more important to me.

I think it would be useful/interesting to do a survey to discover which features most people expect at different price levels.

The e208 is a good example, where I strongly suspect most people would really prefer the car to be the GT Premium trim level, with ACC, lane assist, heated seats etc… or the GT but with the £300 drive assist option ticked.

I think ACC and lane assist are important safety features these days, and ideally any car offered should have these options ticked when possible.

I’d call them driver aids rather than safety features. And sometimes they can be worse for safety if it means people incorrectly put a lot of trust in them, paying less attention to the road. Still, I agree that they are nice to have and I’d definitely prefer the option was there on more of the fleet.

Yeah I know what you mean but a good ACC system in particular I think can make driving in poor weather quite a lot safer. When just about every vehicle on the road has a good ACC system we shouldn’t really ever see pile ups in foggy conditions, for example.

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Did you call… :wink:


I’m just saying u choose the model then it gives u option of date then the colours. I think if u click the colour and the dates available pop up. I’m not saying its more or less important . But if u look u choose your model first so its not really a factor in what what im saying. In sure on the drop downs u can click date first if you wanna find out dates or if u wanna make sure your get the colour u want u just click the colour and what dates are available pop up. For example I choose a 208 and I wanted to choose a yellow one I had to click thru 28 different dates until I found a yellow one . Wouldn’t it be more simple my way . Also I think when u choose a car your not gonna go ill have the white one coz thats all u have

We’ve had a cancellation at 4:30 today if anyone wants to book in, just send me a DM :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you both today and I hope the feedback was useful . I will be a subscriber again in the near future for sure but will be keeping a close eye on how onto grow I love a good success story


A huge thanks to everyone who participated earlier this week. We were able to get some great insights into how the future of the booking process will piece together and your feedback has been incredibly valuable here.

We’ll be running additional sessions in the coming weeks and I’ll post again about these closer to the time.

Have a lovely weekend all!