Onto research - get involved in our product development!

Hello Onto Community,

Great to meet you all! I work as a Product Manager here at Onto. We’ve been busy building a new user journey to enhance the experience of signing up and booking a car with Onto.

To help us validate and improve this journey we would love to speak to a number of you in the next week or so. The conversation will be a 20-30 minute online meeting where we send you a URL, have you share your screen and see what you think of the new user experience.

Our conversions will be purely for product development - there’ll be no impact on your Onto subscription. We just want to hear your honest thoughts and feedback.

Anyone can sign up - so, please follow the link to book in a slot: Calendly - Onto Product Team

I really look forward to chatting to some of you soon and hearing what you have to say! Your time will be really appreciated.

The Onto Product Team


Just booked myself in :vulcan_salute:t4:

10 years of commercial experience in UI/UX design and QA manual testing. Looking forward to improving the Onto user experience, as the current sign up/booking process feels disconnected.

Also, Onto needs an onboarding system straight after the booking confirmation. I want to see important info about what happens on the day of delivery, how to get started with the car (curated youtube videos maybe), links to problems & solutions from the forum, recommended charging map websites/apps and so on.

After my booking confirmation, all I received was the agreement. I’ve had to spend a lot of time searching for the best youtube videos related to the e-208 GT 2021 version, spec details, info about rewards points, additional mileage costs & rollover info, accident-related info (I know this is in the agreement but would love bitesize info in the onboarding process).


Great, thank you! Really looking forward to our session.

Appreciate your feedback about the onboarding process and the sort of information which is useful to new customers getting started with their subscription - I will feed that input in to our team internally.

Speak soon!

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Thanks so much to all of you who have signed up - we’ve had a great response already and all of our slots are now full!

I’m really looking forward to all of our conversations - and to many more like this in the future.

Thanks again for your engagement everyone.


I wish I had seen this earlier, as a software developer who works for a booking system provider I may have had some useful feedback, @Carenza_at_Onto should a slot come free please let me know and I’ll jump in.

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Hi @DavidJL! Thanks for getting in touch - we’d love to get you involved, it sounds like your experience will be very valuable. I will drop you a message now.


Have signed up, but careful to stratify your participant pool, by the sounds of things you’re in danger of a heavy over bias to 1) power users 2) NPS Score promoters 3) expert users :wink:

That being said Pareto says it’ll still find 80% of the problems with 20% of the effort :wink:

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Good point - given that most things we all use (including all the hopeless stuff) have presumably at some point being designed by someone who considers themselves a pro / expert.

…dont remember it being that bad…?

Well the classic used to be that it was “designed” directly by the developer, directly for a business partner rather than the user; not that the developer did anything wrong, but UX is a field as complex and varied as development, and you wouldn’t expect your average UX Designer to code would you. Yes there are a few unicorns but they’re very expensive people to hire!

Fortunately the rise of product management and UX as disciplines in IT is improving things!

I signed up a couple of months ago - the process definitely smacked of MVP to me (which is fine, the car turned up), so I’m interested to see what the team have to propose)

Dunno about that, but I’m definitely the MVP on the community forum :wink:


:joy: was not meant negatively, the correct course of action for any product manager is to get their product to MVP appropriately quickly otherwise it dies. Unfortunately in some quarters MVP means something negative now as it’s mis used!

MVP has at least two meanings :

@Pheo is using it to mean minimum viable product
E7EV is talking about the most valuable person

Just in case you didn’t Google it like I did :wink:


The problem with UX design is its very perception based, what one person things is good another thinks is crap.

The other problem with UX and UI is they are mostly designed by people who have don’t consider the underlying technology stack… I see this a lot in my job, and i sit as one of the people who admins the underlying technology…

That’s only true if you’re just considering the visual design, it should be underpinned by solid interaction design, interaction patterns, information architecture , heuristics, all driven by a clear strategy (ie clarity on the users problem). All of these things are scientifically possible to validate / disprove in terms of approach.

I would argue someone doing UX design or product management which isn’t considering maintainability / longevity and the administrator as a user too isn’t doing their job properly.

I started with frontend development before switching to ux design, and not many ux designers know how to code html/css/javascript etc, or are willing to learn. I agree with your last statement though.

I’d hate to work at ONTO because there would always be at least one subscriber who was better at my job than me!


Or who think they are better than me at my job :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah but why would they (UX) learn JavaScript? You’ve career switched (which I would say makes you quite a valuable person to have on a team!). I know very few developers who know how to use sketch, indesign etc. Not that they couldn’t learn, but they are already specialist in one field, they don’t really need to know another (diminishing returns).

Commonly see the underestimation of UX as a field. I find it odd, would you ask a doctor to code JS? Would you ask a coder to treat your heart disease etc? But for some reason UX is fair game.

Anyway this is going off topic!