Onto 'no claims' policy

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Finally managed to book an e208. So excited as I’ve been checking the website at all hours to try and get my hands on one.

I was just wondering if anybody has any details on whether ONTO would provide any confirmation of no claims in the event I ever went back to owning a car and needed my own insurance policy. I currently have 9 years built up so it would seem a shame to lose that completely.

Thanks in advance

Nope, afraid not. It’s a fleet insurance policy where you will simply be a named driver but not insured in your own right and therefore unable to build no claims.

I think you get 2 years to keep your current no claims though, so if you decide it’s not for you and go back to ownershup at a later date within that time, you should be able to continue.

I Don’t know if ONTO Would agree to it, but there is a possibility that they may be able to provide a document to say that you were a user of their cars and didn’t make any insurance claims in x years, but this would simply be a record of named driver experience, and not a certificate of no claims. Not all insurers are interested in this, and those who do generally don’t consider it equal to no claims so your discount may not be as great (if ONTO Would even provide such a document at all)

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@mediamonkeyuk In the past you used to be able to get a yearly policy for low cost that would keep your NCD alive till it was needed again. I certainly had a policy like that in the past. Not sure these exist anymore, but might be worth calling a couple of brokers and sound that out, but it may be a dead end.
Even if you don’t keep it alive for years, you should get a good introductory rate if you started up your own car insurance again. The industry will have to change to accommodate the subscription model as it would seem individual car insurance will shrink in the years to come as many more move to an all inclusive package from companies and automakers alike.


Great stuff, thanks both.

Really helpful as always :slight_smile:

Get a letter from your insurance company stating how many years “no claims” you have. This will be valid for 2 years after your policy expires. Mine expires soon, so the plan is that when my wife’s car is up for renewal this year, I’ll take out the policy instead which that will give her 2 years “in the bank” to use her no claims again. Does that make sense?


This is my concern I have a car coming this Friday and I have 10 years no claims I will be gutted if I loose it.

You won’t lose it as long as you have a letter/email from your most recent insurer stating how many years you have. That will last you two years. Then if you don’t use it after 2 years it DOES expire.

At the end of any subscription we can provide a letter to confirm your driving history for you to provide to a new insurer, but you would need to check with individual insurers that this is acceptable

I hope this helps



When I needed to insure a car again after a gap of several years, I contacted a broker. (Adrian Flux IIRC.) They were able to find an insurer who would take into account my very old no claims certificate, and reissue it in full if I stayed with them for 2 years.

That said ‘no claims discount’ can be a bit of a swizz, and you might get just as good a price without it, just by shopping around.


NCD is valid for 2 yrs just keep a renewal notice of get a letter from your insurer then its fine