ONTO Mokka-e


Can someone please tell me if the ONTO Mokka-e comes with tinted rear windows? I’ve asked on the live chat service but they do not know.


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I appreciate that, many thanks.

Calling @K12Beano

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OOOO - what, when, where, who?

Sorry - been out driving around and not paying attention. Now then…. Oddity today, the infotainment screen just locked up on me…just as I was getting on the M’Way…. So I drove a long way without any radio/audiobook/music……

Anyway, back on topic…

Yes - they’re quite tinted.

Would say, maybe not as much as the Kona I had before, but you cannot easily see what’s on the back seats / footwells. But inside isn’t too gloomy in the back. So … a moderate tint.

(Mind you, if you get a green one :snake: you may need to update your shades anyway… :sunglasses:)


Who’s a famous ONTO boy now. Could it be @K12Beano .:older_man:

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@K12Beano many thanks for the info, much appreciated. :pray:t5:

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