Onto mobile research - get involved in our product development!

All slots are now booked - thank you for your interest!

Hello Onto Community!

I work as a Product Manager here at Onto and we’ve been busy working to bring more features to the Onto Mobile app.

We have recently launched Bolt-ons and a new My Account area to view your subscription, refer friends and spend your reward points!

To help us validate and improve these features we would love to speak to some of you and hear your thoughts on the new features and the app more generally.

The conversation will be a 45 minute online meeting where we will ask you to share your device screen and then hear your thoughts around the new features.

Our conversions will be purely for product development and they’ll have no impact on your Onto subscription.

Anyone can sign up so, please follow this link to book in a slot

I really look forward to chatting to some of you soon and hearing what you have to say! Your time will be really appreciated.


The Onto Product Team


Done speak to you Monday. :older_man:


Had my video chat this morning @12.00 bang on time. Lovely guys Ban and James.

30 mins of Q&A ONTO App screen sharing etc based around Beta updates and my response to scenarios of new Account options, Bolt on info etc and how I would respond. All good with some identified problems mainly age related size of buttons etc.

What I would like to see. Plugged link to Community instead of going via web page. Good idea they said.

Then my turn for questions which my grey matter instantly forgot sorry.

Introduced them to grandmasuec.

Really enjoyed the very relaxed session over 45 mins total. :older_man:

If you get the chance go for it they really do want the input from us.

@carol @Rob_at_Onto @Lily_at_Onto note please👴

EDit: my brain! It was John and Jordon not as above. Sorry guys :older_man: @John_at_Onto if thats you.


Got mine tomorrow lunchtime :slight_smile:

Enjoy. I got a confirmation emal from them earlier this morning with an rsvp button. Used link 2 mins before due and gained entry bang on time.:older_man: