ONTO IONIQ CCS Rapid charge

Has the onto Ioniq got a ccs charing port and what speed can it charge at?

Yes it does, you take out both protectors when opening the charging flap…

Speed will get to about a maximum of about 40 - 46kWh on the likes of InstaVolt

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(Yellow line is the 38kWh model that Onto currently stock)


Thank you, I currently have the R135 Zoe ZE50 which i have had for the past 3 months, looking for something a bit bigger now and with a NCAP safety rating of more than zero stars that I recently found out the Zoe has.

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Yeah you’ll find the charge rate almost the same as the Zoe then. Just charge time will be a little quicker since it’s a smaller battery (but more efficient car so not much in the way of range loss)

Only big difference is with AC charging. 7kW max rather than the 22kW that the Zoe can do.

Ioniq is a fantastic car especially when compared to Zoe. It will be a big step up in the EV world for a rather small amount of extra money and I’m sure you’ll love it.

EDIT - Quick side note. As I understand it, only the 2021.5 Zoe has this zero star rating just so you’re aware. Unless you were lucky enough to get a brand new car when you signed up a few months ago, you’ll likely find that your car has a few more features including the original airbags.


For my first EV (and first Onto car) I ended up selecting the Ioniq over the Zoe (booked Sept, delivered November)

Primary reason on paper was heated seats and steering wheel! And for winter comforts those are a winner in this household!

Yup, you will get 7.2 on AC, but in DC terms in theory mid 40s, but in practice with lower temperatures I’ve more likely seen mid 30s. I’ve found this no biggie in practice - mostly because I’ve seemed to naturally gravitate to a simple “little-and-often” charging strategy using the charging curve as a guide to getting the best speed.

(Completely contrarian to the ICE method of fill it up if you have to stop to refuel!!)

It “might” be nice to have a bit bigger and a bit faster battery - but it’s too easy to fall into a “Top Trump” mentality with EVs :thinking::joy::rofl:

The Ioniq seems a nice size for two - the back seats don’t have a great deal of legroom so might not be ideal for long trips. But I live with a wife for whom bootspace will NEVER be enough… but I think is adequate! :man_shrugging:

Overall the Ioniq is a whole lot of bang-for-your-buck. Not perfect, but you can forgive it a lot for a few foibles!

@K12Beano I find if I fold the rear seats down in the Ioniq then there is plenty of room to fit in even my wife


yep, mine is brand new!!! was delivered with 230 miles on the clock.


Well you wouldn’t want to fit in my wife - for a non-driver she has some great advice, always.

And she can find fault with any car, quite remarkably well. Although the last Ioniq criticism was a complete lightweight “the boot handle’s all dirty”…. and I do have to admit the handle and reverse camera do need a constant wipe… :man_shrugging:

Yeah that’s a downside of the Ioniq. Going into reverse look at either water droplets or frost/ice

I think finding a fault in anything is a wife trait

Unfortunately the additional airbags are missing from all the ZE50 zoe’s no matter the age. Im currently looking to do the same as @Mustang289 and change from the Zoe to an ioniq.

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I stand corrected. I looked in more detail and you’re right. I just went by the NCAP headline where it mentioned that it was the latest model tested, however when reading the full report it does indeed note that the safety specification was unchanged since 2020.

With this knowledge, I am actually a little happier honestly. I have seen a few of the earlier ZE50s which had crashed and generally held up quite well. The airbags which were deployed, while not impressive, did seem more than adequate and everyone involved in these specific accidents survived. I thought it was that old design that they had made even worse. But if it is the same simple design that the ZE50 always had, then it should still be good enough.

Other cars, for example the Ioniq have significantly better safety features and a higher rating. I Fully understand your desire to still switch and I would still rather drive a Hyundai than a Renault, both for safety reasons as well as comfort… I suspect you may be waiting a little while to get an Ioniq from Onto though. There’s not too many of them popping up at the moment and when they do, they are snapped up very quickly. Not surprising, given the panic that this news has caused.

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