ONTO Helps Renault Achieve No1 Spot

According to Forbes Renault beat Tesla in the best selling European EV list this summer. If only Tesla had supplied ONTO with all the Model 3s they ordered, it could have been a different story!


Is Onto waiting on a large order of Tesla 3s? 100 or so should do the trick for my spot on the waiting list :joy:

I think ONTO have given up any ideas of getting more Teslas at the moment.

To make their business model work, ONTO need to get vehicles hugely discounted. Tesla don’t routinely do this.

So for the moment you will have to wait for a returned M3. I’m afraid that might be a long wait.

I’d suggest trying for something else in the meantime. Some more luxury vehicles should be added to the ONTO fleet in the near future.

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What ‘luxury’ vehicles? Have you heard some rumours?

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Tesla sales cratered by 76 percent to just 1050 sales in the month.

Renault sold 9280 Zoes in July, followed by the Hyundai Kona (4405, with 111 percent growth), the Volkswagen e-Golf (4094) and Kia’s e-Niro.

Total EV registrations in Europe jumped from 23,400 sales in July 2019 to 53,200 in 2020, with the models on offer climbing quickly from 28 models in 2019 to 38 this year.

No just starting them!

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@burnt_crisps2 a purely hypothetical question. Would you class a DS 3 Crossback E-Tense Ultra Prestige a luxury vehicle?

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Don’t think I would. The e-2008 is a better option on the same platform and neither are what most would deem luxurious. Think Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes, Tesla and some of that is the sheer price. It’s an odd term luxury in the car brand and other markets. Sometimes a real value for money item can be luxurious because it is better equipped than others in the segment for much less money. The Kia e-Niro is great value (for an EV) with good tech and equipment, range, comfort, size etc. But it’s bland in colour and interior. Cars are such compromises. :smirk:


Reasonable review of cars in question…

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