Onto Discounts

Just got this ad on Facebook, looks like not a bad deal on some of the cars…

Wonder if people can also use the referrals codes to get another £50 or £100 off…

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Only thing in the T&Cs for it says “The Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers” - so depends if Onto class the Referral Codes as a Promotional Offer or not

I believe you only get an opportunity to use one code, either a referral or discount one. In this case you’ll save a lot more by using the discount code. At £1369 a month, you’ll save over £500 over the first three months on a Model 3 LR.

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So when are the loyal long standing customers going to get a deal? The ones tgat have stayed through all the price hikes and mileage reductions ?

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We haven’t started paying the same price as new customers yet :wink: