Onto Customer Care

What are peoples views on how Onto interact with them and behave towards them ?

I haven’t been overly impressed with them on a couple of occasions. Firstly when my car needed a service I had to take a day out and make a 94 mile round trip (out of my monthly mileage allowance). Prior to booking the service I spoke with customer services who agreed they would refund the miles but subsequently they have not despite several emails which have been ignored.

Today my vehicle is being collected and all they have given is a timely of 9am to 5pm which I think is outrageous. They must know where the driver is coming from and what his travel arrangements are so could easily give a better idea of his arrival time, say a two hour slot. Any travel issues could be notified with a phone call or text message.

It’s simple customer service that could really make them stand out.

@NickAtherton thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated. These are two gaps we have been working on and are looking to improve the experience. Firstly we are introducing mobile servicing this week and on the 9am to 5pm delivery/collection window we are actively exploring partners who can help us be more flexible.


Didn’t have any problems at all with OntO, and always got the help I needed when it was required.

Luckily only one car had to go for a service, and it was only 7 miles away in each direction.

I have no problem with between 9 and 5 for collection, mainly because I work from home, and it fits around me…

And OntO don’t know the individual drivers schedule, as that is decided by the partner and not OntO… The biggest problem seems to be lack of drivers across all companies…


If I am honest and based on my personal experience. I believe customer experience is in decline. I am saying this as someone who has used onto since May 2021, with 3 cars. Both as a business and personal customer.

The latest issue I have is that I have recently performed a car swap before the 8th January . Ignoring issues with claiming reward points to discount the swap and the lack of communication on time slot and delivery. I called at 3.30pm to find out an update, and it was delivered at 630pm.

The car was delivered with 3 charge cards that are not active. This was on the 13th January. After multiple calls and emails. I have received a BP replacement card, but nobody can tell me if I will get a shell card or Instavault card or if they can be reactivated. :man_shrugging: as explained to the agents the BP card doesn’t help me. As I don’t have BP locally. It’s seems the operations team (who own this) can’t be contacted to be asked by the frontline team.

The issue is lack of ownership and communication both internally and to me it seems. Now I am a personal customer I don’t have an account manager to escalate to, so requested a management escalation.

I am just glad I am currently not doing the higher mileage I used to do.

And to be clear everyone I speak to is polite and professional and I feel for the team as I think they are overworked.