Onto Cars & Coffee: Midlands edition POSTPONED

As you may have heard, we’re holding the first official Onto meet-up later this month!

The fantastic Onto community has grown rapidly and we think it’s about time to get together, so we’re meeting on the 18th December between 09:30 and 12:00 at Caffeine & Machine in Warwickshire.

We’d love you to come and say hi, meet fellow Onto members, check out other EVs, and we’ll also have some little surprises for you.

Caffeine & Machine has become a go-to hub for car-lovers and enthusiasts and we couldn’t think of a better location for our meet up. In their own words, C&M is “designed very simply as a place to go, a destination if you appreciate moving things” which we can all agree is something we have in common!

It’s based on 12 stunning acres of countryside just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon, boasting a coffee house, licensed bar and restaurant, boutique b&b, and living art gallery. Take a look at what you’re in store for below:

If you want to get to know C&M a little bit better before you come down then check out their website here!

Here are the closest fast charging stations around Caffeine & Machine accessible for free with your Onto subscription:

  • BP Pulse: 7 mins away
    Ettington Park Hotel, CV37 8BU

  • BP Pulse: 15 mins away
    Bridgeway Car Park, CV37 6YX
    Crowne Plaza, CV37 6YR

  • Instavolt: 20 mins away
    294 Alcester Road, CV37 9RJ

There are only a handful of spaces left so if you want to join your fellow community members on the 18th then be sure to register your interest using this link!

Those who have already RSVP’d should have received their e-ticket via email but please reply to this if you haven’t yet. We also kindly ask that if you have RSVP’d but sadly can no longer make it to let us know so we can re-assign your tickets.

We can’t wait to see you all!


@Lily_at_Onto i can’t seem to find my invitation- definitely RSVP’d :disappointed:

@Lily_at_Onto I haven’t received tickets either unfortunately :slightly_frowning_face:

The tickets come from " Eventbrite [email protected] - check your spam / promotions folder :smiley:


@Kev smashed it - it’s there :grin: :raised_hands: @Lily_at_Onto scratch that, I found mine


Got it too! Thanks for that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


See you guys there :heart:


I nearly persuaded the boss, but she has decreed we go to the Steam Punk Market in Sunny Brid :slight_smile:

Would love to come but a bit to far from Falkirk, have a good Day though

@Lily_at_Onto - nope, haven’t seen anything (including in Junk) yet… :worried:… definitely submitted the RSVP.

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I’ve RSVP’d- think there’s a good chance we’ll be driving north that day and convinced the other half to stop midway for a coffee :raised_hands:t2:


It’s a 300 mile round trip for me(so ill probably have to leave at 6am), but I do like an adventure


My thoughts too. A two hour drive, plus a charge, croissant and coffee en route somewhere.

Maps out!!


Would of loved to come but 300 miles out of my monthly mileage allowance for a cup of coffee is a stretch too I will wait for the next one hopefully a bit better for us soft southerners

Not just a cuppa mate - you get to meet other members & possibly some staff too - isn’t that worth it?

Don’t you like us? :rofl::crazy_face:

It’s definitely a trick from South London too but I’ve rsvp’d & am planning on going myself anyway




I need the mileage for travelling to work so can’t justify the 300 mile sacrifice,I met most of the staff and the company at fully charged a great bunch of people

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I will wait for something a little closer lol

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Would mean 11 hrs driving and 670 miles round trip for me :open_mouth:

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Always the 750 mile bolt on…

Always money in the banana stand