Onto Car Over 2 Years Old

My current car is now over 2 years old, are Onto meant to swap them out at that point? I vaguely remember reading that when cars reach either two years old or 24,000 miles they were de-fleeted. I’ve looked on the website and couldn’t see anything so am I going mad?!?

They’re struggling with availability at the moment. You’ll get to keep it for longer. They’ll be in touch to let you know when it’s time, and give you swap options then.

When I asked recently I was told at least 6 more months on a 19 plate LEAF for example.

Which car is it, out of interest?

I wonder if there would be any appetite among subscribers, and money to be made by ONTO, in renting out older EVs. What discount would you want on a BMW i3 that is more than 3 years old?

Elmo mentioned they were looking on to Second Hand EVs, but as their resale price/second hand market for EVs is so high it’s not worth it for them at the moment as the monthly cost wouldn’t be different enough from the newer EVs.

I guess two-ish years is the sweet spot for depreciation. Subscription charge has covered two years of depreciation, but going onwards maybe the slope increases, so it’s not worth it and better to sell?

But it’s an interesting market to tap. How would people feel getting a 4-ish year old ZE40 for example, that may only have 85% SOH on the battery? What price would people be willing to pay for this, considering the ZE40 currently is £339?

It’s a BMW i3. I believe they don’t have any to swap it out with

That’s not a bad shout. Although my current i3 is a lemon so I can’t wait to get shot of it now!

Basically I’ve been with onto for over 2 years now and I’ve had an i3 for the whole period. The first one I had from new and was a brilliant car, I’d certainly have been willing to continue with that car after the two year period. It felt like it was mine as I was the only one to ever have driven it. Maybe 15% off the monthly price for a car over 2 years, then 20% for a three year car?


Yeah I’ve pondered before about something similar as it does seem a little unfair in a way for potentially someone to be paying the same amount for a brand new car as someone else is paying for a 2 year old one.

A sliding scale of discount the longer you keep the same car past a certain point could also encourage loyalty to Onto and decrease their costs and workload associated with swaps.


I can’t see this happening, especially at a reduced rate since they would have to factor in any possible repairs if out of warranty, MOT if over 3 years old etc.


I think it’s important to note that it’s never guaranteed that you will be allocated a car that’s brand new or 2 years old. It’s assigned at random according to availability and if you don’t like what you get, you can always swap it out the following month.

Onto is effectively a car hire company. And just like your Hertz/Europcar/Enterprise rental brands you will pay the same amount of money not knowing if you are getting something fresh from the factory, or something old in horrific condition with scratches and a sodomized clutch.

I personally don’t have a problem with getting a car that’s brand new or old. The pricing is decent either way. My only concern is around Onto’s reputation for previously charging for pre-existing damage on used cars.

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Yeah I’m sure the vast majority of us are aware of this, and I’m sure there are quite a few that have (so far at least) successfully ‘gamed’ the system a bit and managed to bag a brand new car once, twice or maybe more.

It is a slightly different situation to a normal rental which people typically have for a few days or weeks at a time, and which will see many, many different drivers in a short space of time and which I suspect are typically defleeted at under a year old.

I wonder what the average time is that different Onto cars are kept by one person.

If Onto, for example, got a batch of new i3s in stock, and I decided to go back to an i3, I personally would not be too happy to pay £469 a month and then have a near 2 year old one turn up if I knew others in the country had been given a brand new one for the same money.


We have not any requests to positive defleet any vehicles as yet. We do this around the 2 year mark, we will be in touch when this is in the plan to be done with options etc. If you wish to swap your car, you can do this anytime you want to, or if you are happy with your current vehicle we will be in touch as we make the decision to do a positive defleet,

I hope this helps you all understand where we are




Please don’t defleet me or mine @Carol :rofl::see_no_evil:

Absolutely love the M3 and I’m guessing when defleeted, the legacy perks also go :sob:

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@Kev just keep your head down and they might forget all about you :wink:


Agree if you’re going to be swapping every couple of months to try out different EVs. If however you intend to keep the vehicle for a while, it’s nice to be the first user. The only way to guarantee that is to get a newly added vehicle to the fleet.


I think I’m in one of the newest i3’s (69plate from PARK LANE)
I’ve had it from new, I love it like it’s my own.
I wouldn’t be happy paying £469 come 2022 driving around with a 69plate.

Wouldn’t be an issue if they let me put my private plate on.

I’d like to see ONTO get some i3S and charge maybe £50-85 a month more.

I feel once they defleet my current i3 I’d like a Tesla or i3S but if ONTO can’t do that then I’ll have to leave and go to Drover or Elmo.

Currently Elmo offer the Zoe, MG ZS and will be getting the Fiat 500e. Which one of them are you interested in? :wink:

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I have the same. In my personal opinion, the 19 plate I received in 2020 was in better condition :slight_smile:

The plate wouldn’t bother me personally, but it’d be more a case of feeling a bit put out at paying a chunk of money to drive around in a car that someone else has been sat in for maybe up to 600 hours or so, whilst doing all the things that humans inevitably sometimes have to do….

If there was some compensation for that, it would be more ‘palatable’ (:yum: :nauseated_face:), but knowing that someone else might have a brand new one for the same money would leave a nasty taste in the mouth…

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I wonder who will be the lucky keeper of ‘my’ Kona next… :rofl:

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