Onto car colours?

Anyone have a list of colours of onto cars stock?

They don’t seem to list colour on the main car page at all.

But I noticed for example onto have the e208 in lots of colours:

Cumulus Grey
Nera black
Pearlescent White
Elixir Red
Vertigo Blue
Faro Yellow

You can go to “book a car” and select date, then colour available, but that’s only shows what is available to book at the time, not all potential colours you might want to wait for…

The easiest way may be to look on the website of the manufacturer you are interested in and choose your top three colours. Then come back here and ask:

“Anyone on here got such and such a vehicle in the following colours?”

Otherwise ONTO may be able to give you a list if you give them a call or use WebChat.

Additionally you could search on this forum to see if anyone has already posted photos of the vehicle you’re interested in.

Personally, if it’s the e-208, yellow is the best :wink:


I think Onto generally have most colours available for their cars. I remember their being a purple perhaps that they don’t stock in the Zoe?

Of course, you are much more likely to get the colour you want if you get in early when they add a new car or restock the fleet. Otherwise you’ll be relying on subscribers returning cars and will be restricted on colour choice.


Aconite. That’s the one and only standard Zoe color that they don’t stock. There’s also a few limited editions that they unsurprisingly missed as well.

Onto seem to stock the majority of colors of each car, though often with one or two omissions for some reason.

@mikered - What are you specifically hoping for? If you share that one of us has probably had it and can confirm for you if it is or isn’t stocked.


I’m just wondering really. I’ve had a few white cars from onto (currently ID3) - my next swap will be an e208, probably in vertigo blue.

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I can vouch for this colour, looks amazing

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Oh well, at least we won’t get confused if we ever end up in the same car park or at the same charging hub :wink: