Onto app research - get involved in our product development!

Hello Onto Community!

I work as a Product Designer here at Onto. We’re in the process of introducing the next generation of our mobile app to help bring more value to our customers, which we’re really excited about.

As part of this, we’d love to speak with some of you to get your feedback and learn more from the experience of our community!

The conversation will be a 30 minute online meeting between 16th-24th August where we will explore some new proposed features on the Onto app.

Anyone can sign up so please follow this link to complete a few quick questions.

Our conversions will be purely for product development and they’ll have no impact on your Onto subscription.

We really look forward to chatting to some of you soon - your time will be really appreciated. Thanks also to all who helped with our recent website navigation testing.

The Onto design team