Onto app research - get involved in our product development!

Hello Onto Community,

Great to meet you all! I work as a Product Designer here at Onto. We are in the process of designing the next generation of our mobile app to help bring more value to our customers, which we’re really excited about.

To help us do this, we would love to speak to a number of you between 13th-17th December 2021. The conversation will be a 45-minute online meeting where we will talk about your experience with Onto and then explore some new proposed features on the Onto mobile app to see what you think.

Our conversations will be purely for product development - they’ll have no impact on your Onto subscription.

Anyone can sign up so please follow this link to complete a few quick questions.

We may not be able to schedule research sessions for everyone that signs up but we’d love to know if you’d also be happy for us to contact you for potential future research.

We really look forward to chatting to some of you soon and hearing what you have to say! Your time will be really appreciated.

The Onto Product Team


Ooooh - interesting!

Me, me, me I’ll be the Guinea pig! :upside_down_face:

Might be just me :crazy_face: though, but can’t get to the form……


Same message here. It’s not just you.


Hi @K12Beano @Koda thanks for your interest and for flagging the form restriction! This has now been updated so you should be able to complete the form. Please do let me know if you still have an access issue. Thanks.



The same question about email address is duplicated on the form :slight_smile:


Yes - “we have ignition…”


Hi @mozzauk thanks for updating on this - the email default is switched off now so the form should just be capturing it once.


Thanks so much to all of you who have signed up. I’m really looking forward to our conversations next week!

Thanks again for your engagement.