Onto app not updating charge information from car

Thank you guys will try this today Bengeo

Also just downloaded the car app


It just hasn’t updated yet, you need to speak to OntO on Wednesday (i assume thats when CS reopens), and they should be able to help.

Mine in the beta app shows as it been at the depot, and its not updated correctly in weeks.

It would be better to use the cars own app.


I’ve got the same problem with mine. Support told me this might help:

“Make sure your Bluetooth is on both your device and the Onto app
Unlock the car (with the app, not the key)
Either start the car with the app open or
Go for a short 5-10 minute drive with the phone in the car
Lock the car (with the app, not the key)
A majority of the time this helps recalibrate the app and bring it back up to date.”

It didn’t work for me and they say their tech team will have to look at the car.

Good luck!

Thanks used app to unlock and it’s updated and working

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Mine has not updated for 10 Days. I contacted Onto and they are supposed to be looking into it.
Have uninstalled, installed, open and lock with key after driving, left key in house for a couple of journeys and just used the app, all to no avail.

Not a big issue for me as I won’t reach 1000 miles a month, but might be a issue for Onto :smiley:

Hi Guys

Hope you all had an amazing christmas!

To continuously update the app, the vehicle will require you to periodically unlock and drive using the app as this is how the app synchronizes with the car to update information as it forces an update from our hardware in the car when you unlock.

Our CS team is currently open should you need us, we have also had staff in over the holiday period and also over new year in case any of our customers need assistance.

@Jimmi Let me pass this to one of my CS staff and I will have this rectified for you as this sounds like it could be something to do with the connection between your ACCM box in the vehicle which can be sorted with a remote update 9 times out of 10

Kind regards


So should you keep app open on your phone when driving? Or have refresh in background active on iOS?

Hi @Jimmi

You don’t need to have your app open whilst driving. It’s the initial pressing “unlock” on the app that pushes the update through as it both connects to the box within the vehicle and requests an update which should immediately update when you stop driving and lock the vehicle.

If this isn’t updating for you I will need to have one of our guys look into this for you

Kind regards

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@Dan_at_Onto thanks, the Onto guys are supposed to be looking into it for men but it not a big problem for me at moment

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My swap car has not updated on the app yet.

Have has this car for four days.

I’ve used lock and unlock but not updating

@hampton suggest you call Onto and get them to talk you through possible solutions.