On.To Rewards

Just saw an email from On.To about rewards. Seems like a decent thing. Especially to use towards extra bits. What’s everyone else think ? Do you collect points by your monthly subscription cost ?

Thumbs up from me :+1:t3:
Amazing idea! Love it.

Only thing to make it even better (for me) is some sort of home charger. Already on Octopus, just not bit the bullet for a smart charger yet in the hope that onto can get us a good deal.

Yeah same. I keep plugging into the socket in my dinning room through the window but it’s a pain.

Very interested but can’t get the survey link to work?


I sent an email to them at the end of December suggesting they do exactly this! Obviously a coincidence as they wouldn’t have had time to launch it now if they hadn’t already thought of it!

Anyway according to the email you can use your rewards for “Car swap”. But in small print at the bottom it says “cannot be used for delivery or collection fee”. And that “car swapping is only applicable if it is completed within 30 days of your last booking”. Anyone understand this?

Also, “Points will be valid for 12 months”.

I just completed the survey using a laptop. Only three questions.

I bet its my pesky ad block DNS settings again

My PiHole blocked the domain from this url. Looks like their marketing software tracks who clicks the link. https://customer.io/docs/api/#section/Track-API-Event-limits

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Yes would be great of there could be some kind of deal for home charger, where I am I can’t even get a commando socket installed for less than £750 :frowning: and that’s just too much convinced sparks are just up pricing the job because they don’t want to do it…

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Thank you @Jason - I have put some sort of Ad Block DNS / VPN on and it does knock off a lot of “ads” and tracked links


You wouldn’t have the actual survey link would you?

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Hey @E7EV! This means that you can use your rewards to swap your car. So let’s say you’re driving a Zoe and you want to swap into a BMW, your rewards can cover your £49.50 swapping fee when we pick up the Zoe and deliver the BMW.

However, you won’t be able to use them for the delivery or collection. So for example, if you cancel your subscription and a couple of months later you decide to start your subscription again, you can’t use them towards the collection and delivery fees.

If you have any other questions please let me know!


@Kev Here it is :slight_smile:

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Thanks Lily :slight_smile:

Hi @Lily_at_Onto

Will we be able to see our accumulated points in our account somewhere?