OLEV Grants

WOW! The time is FINALLY here! The DNO have sorted out a resupply to finally allow me to get an EV charger installed!

What’s the current position on OLEV discounts? Can ONTO supply anything that would give eligibility for it? I was half way through the install / OLEV claim a YEAR ago, but obviously it’s taken a crazy amount of time to get all the diplomacy dealt with.

I recall @Carol posting something about it, but I can’t find the thread for the love of god.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

@Kev please send a request to the CS team, either using email or chat and we will get a letter confirmed and sent out for you to apply for the grant


Thanks :slight_smile: I certainly will!

Glad it’s gone from a “You can’t drill through the wall, but you can have an EV charger” to “JUST DO IT!” lol

I’ll send an email now - forgot live chat was back :slight_smile: <3


live chat is back 9-5 M-F at the moment but watch this space as we are looking to try extending this over the coming weeks and months

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Hi Carol — could you please expand on this a little? Would we need to be on a 6 month term contract to get a letter to enable us to get the OZEV grant?

Thank you Carol… :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Octopus have installed mine as I eluded earlier in the month. As I said before just showed them the rental agreement with onto and they approved it, no idea if it was a fluke or what but got the £350 discount. Eo mini pro 2 installed.

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Ah… just noticed that the guidance seems to have been updated since I last read it 18 months or so ago.

Now includes this passage:

“For short-term leases that roll month on month, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) will accept a claim once a person has had the lease for at least 6 months and can evidence this.”

A couple of things:

  1. So we definitely don’t need 6 month contracts any more — it’s retrospective rather than prospective.

  2. It’s not clear how it works if you have one car for, say, 4 months then swap to a different car for 3 months — you’ve had an EV for at least 6 months, but not the same car.



I’ve had many cars, onto just sent a letter saying how long I had been a continuous customer for and this was instantly accepted.


Great, thanks for confirming @KineticHaze

So how much money would you need to add to the grant to get a decent home charge point?

@E7EV realistically somewhere between £250-£500 for a decent one with the grant. Grant is currently £350 but could drop or disappear at anytime really. Mine was £595 with OZEV grant, thru octopus energy.


That’s a nice compact and discreet one! There’s no other gubbins elsewhere?

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@E7EV yeah there’s plenty around. Just gotta find the right one for you!

@Sifmode I meant are all the electronics contained in that small box, or is there anymore elsewhere, such as on the inside of the house? Just looks so small compared to other units.

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@E7EV oh haha! Sorry! Yes that’s it, although it depends on the wiring in your house/property, how old it is etc. Some people have a box next to it to ensure safety… a quick look on Google showed this… image

You could always hide that round the corner or alternatively there will be smaller ones I’m sure.

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It’s going to have a small unit to do the PEN fault detection or you’ll have to install an earth rod. It’s a bit neater with an EVSE that’s got built in PEN fault detection

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@KineticHaze did you have any breaks in rentals and if so did the letter handle this? Just figuring out if it’s worth me making the ask.

No I personally didn’t have any breaks in rentals.

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Sorry if I’ve missed it, but have we got a definitive answer to the question of whether an ONTO subscriber can claim the grant for a home charger?

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