Old customer with account

Hiya I have had onto cars in the past my last was in October last year , I just booked a Tesla for delivery next week and got a automated message when booking says it’s doing a affordability check and I may be asked for DVLA check code , I thought this was only new customers
Many thanks

6 months has passed so dvla check will be mandatory and affordability check is more a safety check for Onto regardless of past circumstances it would seem.

Thanks , they have now taken the money for the car and delivery out of my card and sent me a email saying cars booked , when I login to my online it shows the Tesla as a active subscription bit strange but I’m sure they will call if any problems

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The process is a bit strange tbh. You pay first and then they do the affordability check. If there’s any issues, you will be refunded.

I’m sure the process will improve in the future as it’s still relatively new.

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Definitely all very strange , I’ve had around 4 onto cars in the past whilst waiting for new company cars to arrive , they have sent me a email and my account shows a active subscription so presume all is okay , I’m sure they will tell me if not :joy: