OK - Who Wouldn't Want This Merc?

What do you think will make it into production cars soon?

That drag coefficient! :eyes: and 6 mi/kWh!! Wow!



Such a shame I was all hyped for this then in the last 30 seconds it was ripped apart from me by finding out it isn’t a thing haha


The 6mi/kWh is similar to an Ioniq :slight_smile:

Will be interesting to see where this concept car goes…


They think something resembling this prototype will be available around 2024-25… although if you compare previous prototypes with production versions you will find distant similarities only. They just blow the hype, as usual, everybody expected a car to be introduced and not this sketch.

I am surprised that the newer cars seem so inefficient, and more attention hasn’t been paid to aero to gain range.

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What I don’t get is that so many car companies are going down the SUV route when surely a big blocky car is nowhere near as efficient as a saloon or estate. Why is there only one (I think) estate EV? :thinking: As it should surely be about as much efficiency as possible with the current battery technology…

Just my thoughts :grin:


I think you are so right there. Just because things have been done a certain way for so many years, it seems like some manufacturers are sticking with their comfort blanket - others are changing but only making baby steps. Why nothing more revelotionary? :man_shrugging:

Those with platforms spanning ICE to EV you can understand - to a degree - but even some of those (Kia/Hyundai) manage to get to the top of the efficiency tree… :thinking:

From what I remember one reason is the safety legislation does limit things, certainly for some concepts anyway.