Offer a subscription option with no charging payment cards

Perhaps offer a subscription option where I do not have access to the charge payment cards.
obviously the charges for subscription would reflect this and be less.

My use case, I have access to be able to charge at home. I am planning of changing ONTO cars to a smaller town car with a view to only use it within a short distance from my home, and then charge it at my home address.

I simply won’t need access to any of the charging networks. and If I do I am happy to pay per use.

what do you think?

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This has been discussed ad infinitum and OntO have said this isnt something they will be offering… as they offer one type of package to all customers…

If you want charging card free option, then some of the competitors offer this and its no cheaper than OntO…


ad infinitum seems a bit of an exaggeration. but I take your point that you’re bored of reading the same ol’ thing. So I apologise.
But I cant tell if you’re frustrated with ONTO for not allowing this or me for raising it yet again? :slight_smile:

I may be wrong, but when I searched the forum for this topic, I found someone had mentioned in in the middle of another thread but not as a standalone idea, so I thought i’d post it.

I don’t understand your last sentence?

For instance, Elmo offer EVs on subscription. The default is charging not included. You can opt for the BP Pulse card for an additional £10 per month. Despite not including all the networks that ONTO customers can access, in most cases Elmo are not that much cheaper than ONTO, if at all.


Oh I see. I assumed much bigger values involved here.
for example I have spent around £350 this charging this month according to the read outs on the chargers. I thought that ONTO would obviously not pay that but I did think they would still be paying a substantial amount towards that and could be able to offset if I did not have the charge cards. Is this not right then?

ONTO only get about a discount of 5p per kWh so you’ve definitely had your moneys worth this month!


Well, yes and no. Presumably I paid in advance via the addons and the subscription. I’m sure that ONTO factors these costs into their pricing.
Addons are probably a pretty consistent revenue stream over and above the subscription.

ONTO make no money out of supplying electricity. My bill for 750 miles using the public charger across the road at 40p per kWh would be £75.

I’d be interested to see how you managed to spend £350. If you did, then ONTO is losing money on your subscription and low users are subsidising you.


The chargers I charged at were the 150kw chargers mostly.(, At .55p per kw
I charged about 8 times to full charge
90kwh every 200 miles.
I did about 1500 miles.
I actually charged more times and on some slower chargers but Im also averaging down as I get about 200 mile on a charge.
I rounded down to £~350will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

I also paid for mileage add ons, so I have more than covered the cost of the extra mileage. I doubt I am subsidising lower usage drivers

Sorry about the formatting don’t know what happened here?

I don’t know which vehicle you have but you appear to be averaging only 2.2 miles per kWh. This is quite a large consumption.

So for 1500 miles, you would use 675kWh. At 55ppkWh, that’s £371. You’re rounding down to allow for some cheaper chargers that you used.

If you charged at home instead, you’d be lucky to find a four hour night time tariff of less than 8ppkWh. So that would cost you £54 a month. You would occasionally need to rapid charge for longer journeys. So I can’t see you paying less than £60 a month to charge at home. If ONTO offered a subscription that didn’t include charging, they would probably reduce the fee by about this figure, so you’d be no better off. Obviously it would be more convenient.

Don’t forget that the mileage bolt on cost is to cover the extra depreciation of the vehicle, as well as increased maintenance and insurance costs. It’s not just to cover the extra fuel costs.


Yeah The economics are close. The point here is that if I am already paying for as part of the charge cards I never charge at home or I am double paying or at minimum paying for something I don’t use.

I would prefer to charge at home, for a number of reasons, and just pay as I go for longer journeys but I choose not to.

I just can see a lower tier subscription where fuel is not paid for as part of the subscription. I appreciate the maths and mechanics of that might not make it worth it for onto. But for some customers charging at home is probably a real primary option.

It’s the etron btw, fantastic car.

If it’s the 55, then that would explain the consumption. According to EV Database, the efficiency is 1.9 to 3.7 mpkWh. To allow for this, ONTO consider the included charging costs to be £99 per month. Most of the other vehicles on the fleet cost £60 give or take a few quid.


I would definitely back this option. I had my e2008 for a year with no home charging. Probably 95% of my charging over that year has been at rapid chargers using the onto cards, with a few gridserve chargers thrown in at my own expense.

Other users who mostly charge at home will have been subsidising my usage over that time for sure.

With the cards available I’m not sure why anyone would want to charge at home unless in a very rural area?

If there are members out there subsidizing my subscription than Thank You !


Convenience factor only.

I’ve done a couple of charges at Gridserve for convenience - a fiver seemed OK alongside a stupendously expensive coffee shop coffee which I’m still stupid enough to pay for anyway.

For convenience I charged up at the hotel I’m in at the mo. That was the night before last just because I’m still adjusting to a smaller battery and I couldn’t face too much faffing yesterday and today - I guess they’ll charge me a fiver or so for 18kWh…. :man_shrugging::snake:


True here and there charging for the connivence is okay. When we went to Cornwall earlier this year, I stayed at a hotel which had 11kw gridserve chargers, overall cost was £15 or so to get the kona from around 40% to full.

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I go out of my way with all the cars I have with onto to use rapid chargers I feel I’m getting my moneys worth but I occasionally use the home charge 3 pin if I’m drastically low but with the amount of rapids around now your never far from one and its easier to use than wait 12 hours for a home charge


I think I have just seen emails from Osprey suggesting they are going up to 66p.

Prefer not to actually look today - maybe tomorrow when it’s cooler I’ll think about it… 🫠


Yup I posted about it as well on another thread.