Obtaining dashcam footage

Today my Onto car was hit by a bus. Their fault entirey - I was stationary and he cut across me dangerously before swerving back, causing the back of the bus to swing round and scratch my front right bumper. It’s only minor damage but still I will want to claim via the bus company’s insurance.

To support my clain, I need to obtain a copy of the dashcam footage. Does anyone know how I can do this?

If it was captured then Onto will have this already.

All you need to do is report it to Onto’s insurance company. Provide the information about the accident and bus and they will handle the rest. Including dashcam footage.

At no point will you deal with the bus companies insurance. Any repairs will be carried out by Onto’s insurer then recovered from the at fault insurer.

My only suggestion in case there’s no footage from the dash cam as it doesn’t always capture is to get the footage from the bus’s cameras. You’re legally entitled to this under GDPR anyway.


Unfortunately, although you’re not at fault, ONTO will take £1000 from you until the Bus company’s insurers pay up. This may take some time.


This didn’t happen with me when I had to claim. The footage was reviewed and the fault determined before anything was taken.

The process was very smooth. Had no complaints with it.


@James Hi James

This will be handled via the insurance process, at which point the dashcam footage will be reviewed as part of the claim.

The dashcam may or may not always capture footage as it only records video in a few second bursts when it is triggered by an event.

The process time can vary in length for insurance claims from 4-6 weeks on average depending on multiple factors such as if we can determine outright fault or whether it needs to be further investigated.

I hope this helps!

Thank you


Thanks everyone, really helpful! Will follow up with Onto.

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