Nothing gets done

I’m sick and tired with onto as a company. Nothing ever gets done. You make a complaint, nothing gets done, you request changes to your account nothing gets done, they raise an investigation, still nothing gets done. It’s so unprofessional and ridiculous the way the company is run. I have so many tickets open but no end result. Do you actually have team that deals with this? As it wouldn’t take over 2 months to hear back from a complaint or a ticket raised! Embarrassing @Onto-Team @Adam_at_Onto @Rob_at_Onto

Hi @cherry1 sorry to here that you re having issues with changes to your account. I’ll flag to the CS team and find out what is happening.

Thank you for getting back to me, but sadly that’s not my only problem. They are apparently investigating a miles jump which has been ongoing since October and had to raise another ticket in December with the escalation team but still no update. If you could please chase this also as it seems like a crazy amount of time to have to wait for an update or for the issue to be resolved

Hi @cherry1 that is very strange. I’ve flagged to the payment manager and we will get this resolved for you.

Thank you very much

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Hello, In September after 6 months I got email about extra points- that’s never has been adeed to my account so month later I sent email -no one responsed, subsequently I sent two more email no respone - 3 weeks ago I used chat and somone said there will raise ticket, I asked there to used points to reduce damage liability- nothing has been done is approaching 6 months since I reported issue - nothing has been done @Adam_at_Onto

Hi I’m still waiting to hear for an update on this matter that has been ongoing since October @Adam_at_Onto @Rob_at_Onto .
This is the case number also generated again in December- Cs0164dd - case number for mileage jump.

Sorry @cherry1 I’ve just picked this up. I’ll pass onto the team for followup. The ops team aren’t in on a Sunday but I’ll have this checked tomorrow.

@adrianbros we will also review your case as well. Did you send the email to [email protected] ? We should have been able to resolve this via email or chat so I need to investigate why we haven’t been able to do that for you.

Yes @Adam_at_Onto - two emails to [email protected] + chat conversation. Thanks :+1:t2:

Thank you very much

Hi @Adam_at_Onto. The team have got back to me but looked into the wrong month. can you please advise them it’s September to October period they need to look Into not November December. November December is when I raised the issue again not when I had the issue. I have replied to their message also advising this.

Hi @cherry1 I passed the message on.

Hi @Adam_at_Onto, they have managed to sort this now. I can’t help but think if you hadn’t been involved I would still be trying to hey to the bottom of this. I really appreciate your help and assistance on this.