No one mentioned Honda E?!

I’d love to see this car added to the list. Great looking urban car. Fingers crossed!


It certainly looks the part but I think everyone fears the low range of the vehicle. I’m sure it would work for some though!

I Keep forgetting that this actually exists. It’s weird looks make me think it’s still just a concept car and not in production, not helped by the fact that I have only ever seen one on the road!

I Have no evidence to support my claim really, but given the overall lack of interest and very few driving around in general I don’t think we will see it in the Onto fleet anytime soon.

Who knows though. We have 2 new cars being announced in the next week or two. We are fairly sure that one is the ID.3 But the other is anyone’s guess.

@Koda I’ve seen a few in London central recently mostly the dark grey or white. But having said that I’ve actually seen just as many Porsche Taycan’s as I do Model 3’s now. It seems even the Uber drivers are using the Taycan’s now. :weary::thinking::rofl:
I love the idea of the Honda - not the living with it. The battery for me like the Cooper is abysmal. Not saying it won’t work for other people - just my own circumstances. If they were different I’d defo give it a weeks trial.

Yes a Honda-E or a Mini Electric are the only cars I’d swap to from my i3

According to my Survey only 19 and 14% of the 77 subscribers that participated were interested in the Honda e or Mini Electric respectively. Compare that to the ID.3 which 51% said they’d like to see on the fleet.

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@E7EV maybe its time for a new survey. :slight_smile:
Possibly with all the new members there might be a swing to other models now. :wink:


That’s why I keep linking to it! Two extra members have now participated since earlier on. The Honda e and Mini Electric have both dropped by 1% !