No more RHD Tesla X or S

Not sure if anyone saw this (sorry if it’s a dupe but I couldn’t see it)… Tesla drops right-hand-drive Model S and Model X production | carwow

I know a couple of folks who have been on the waitlist for >2 years only to now be offered LHD car…or nothing… and if you did take an LHD one and then Tesla change their mind again you would kill your residuals… Glad I am using and just pick from what’s available but I know some people here might be using while the are on a waitlist…


Not been posted on this forum, but I saw many posts all over social media and other forums.

Tesla really do some bizarre things but then that’s Elon for you.
Subscription really does have an awful lot going for it and I just cannot see why people commit to buying a new car, long waitlists etc.


I’m with you - converted me to the model. Before then I used to buy a car and keep it until it rusted (70’s Honda Civic, Nissan Cherry, 80’s Austin/Rover everything etc) or blew up 15 years later! Its all about the subscription now :slight_smile: