No home charger and ev

As I posted before I took out the car to see if it was possible to live with an ev without home charger.
The short answer is yes but I’d admit it, could be better.
First there is a charger 7kw next door but it has been broken for years.
The free charger in local high street is usually busy but last 2 weeks it has been broken and wonder how long it will be down for.
The next closest rapid charger included with onto is about 5 miles away.
There is 2 or 3 other rapid charges locally from 30p per kwh plus connection charge so from my calculations, cost is about the same as a just over a 50mpg car.
I usually charge the car for about 1 hour at a time which is usually about 40-50%.
Wish I could home charge as this would make it much easier and convenient.
Trying to decide if I want to buy electric car or just buy a petrol car.

I have had an EV for almost 2 years and can’t charge at home. The public charging network near me has improved during that time culminating in the council installing a charging point opposite my house!

I’m assuming you haven’t got an off road space to charge at home. If you can’t incorporate public charging in your weekly routine, filling the battery can become a chore.

Could you do some research and find out if your local authority has any plans to provide on street charging. Are any of the national networks planning on installing rapids local to you in the next six months?

If not, it may be better to go with a PHEV and reappraise the situation in a years time. Unless you’re highly motivated to keep an EV for ecological reasons, you may be better postponing your electric vehicle adoption for the time being.


I live in a flat with residents car park so it would be the landlords responsibility.
I was thinking the same that charging an ev would become a chore.
Any recommendations for petrol cars with same level of tech as the zoe.

I have the zoe for another month then it’s going back.

I live in a house with a driveway but choose not to charge at home, not often in any case as it costs to much. 5 miles to your nearest rapid is half the distance to my nearest one and that’s always in use, but I wouldn’t go back to an ice car I far prefer electric and the inconvenience of a charge is a small price to pay.


Does my memory serve me correctly when I say one question in the recent ONTO survey asked if you’d be interested in your home charging electricity costs being reimbursed :thinking:


I prefer electric cars to petrol as like how smooth it is and the tech.
Today I stopped the charge earlier then I wanted to due to the cold, is there a way to use the cars heating while charging the zoe.

@E7EV maybe don’t remember it myself.

It’s definitely possible to live with an EV and no home charger, but as @E7EV said you have to find a way to fit public charging into your routine. For example some days when I pick up my daughter from school I park 5 minutes further away at a rapid charger and the car is usually fully charged again when we get back. Or today for example we wanted to go to a park so I looked at zap map to find a park with a charger nearby. Even found one with a rapid so again the car was at 90% when we got back. It’s definitely harder without a home charger, but if you change your habits a bit it’s more than possible.


Set a preconditioning climate timer in the car, or use the Renault app to start the conditioning on demand.

This will only work if you have one of the more recent 70 plate Zoes (or have had the delaer fix on the 20 plate car) and while it will give you some warmth, it isn’t as hot as what you would get by putting the heater on with the car running.


I done this today as i was charging and went off but man it was cold today so i set the heating on my e208 wow it was lovely nd warm when i got in. But polar was at 97% and it wouldn’t let me stop charge tried for ages grr ending up pressing the big no red button :rofl: owell i wanted to go lol atleast i was warm :grin:

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Worth noting that the e208 charging speed drops a bit when you’re heating the car at the same time. No big deal really but something to be aware of if you’re pushed for time.

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As a longer termer with no home charging options (that don’t involve slinging an extension lead into a tree) I thought I would provide my point of view.

I mostly use the car for weekend trips out of London, so probably 99% pleasure use. I have just found ways to incorporate charging the car into my day to day routine. Pre-Shell card, I had a couple of Polar rapids with in about 10mins drive, although for various reasons these have been out of service.

My local shopping centre carpark has 4 7kw polar chargers, and £1.50 all day parking on a Sunday, so when the car needed a charge, I often dropped it off in the morning, and either ran or walked home, and popped back to collect it late in the afternoon.

Where that hasn’t been an option, and I have had a couple of hours to spare, I can just pop along to a localish rapid charger, and go for a coffee, or do the shopping for an hour or so. Generally speaking I top up where and when I can.

Now the shell cards have been launched, I have a range of options of lampost chargers 15mins walk away. These are slow, but you can leave the car there all day / overnight, (24hrs before you get charged a small overstay fee). These are great, I can either park the car there on the way home from a trip,. or the next day.

I have also done much longer trips, and found public charging to (on the whole) be pretty reliable, as long as you are prepared and plan for a back up charger or two!

When planning holidays or nights away, I will always check zap map, and make sure there are options nearby when booking. Then we would generally manage to plan days out and trips around where the charging options are.

So, for South East London at least, not having a home charger is very doable.