No FSD on the latest batch of M3 LR 71 plate

It seem the latest batch of the Tesla Model 3 LR does not have FSD. With the subscription increased, If I was told I wouldn’t have swapped to the new M3 LR. FSD is the feature I like most on Tesla. @Onto-Team can l swap back to the Old 19 plate M3 LR? I feel this is a huge downgrade especially after you increased the subscription per month.

All the cars are getting recalled for de-fleet and are to be sold off. If you’d be interested in buying the car back, get in touch with Onto straight away. You might not be too late to try and make a deal with them. But as a subscriber you’ll unfortunately not be able to continue with the original car as it’s now over the age limit.

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In fact only the first ever batch supplied to onto had FSD fitted, as it was quickly dropped as little true value for the U.K.
The cars supplied for best part of 2 years did not have FSD and the specs page has updated to reflect this back then.

As @Koda has suggested, since you are a long term subscriber your best options are purchase your old car, if possible, or just cease subscription and get a lease, pcp, pch with the options you require.


There are other threads on this forum relating to FSD and this post in Feb2020 details onto’s position….

Lily_at_OntoOnto Team

Feb '20

Hi both, with FSD the amount of extra features included in the UK is really minimal for the £5,800 extra cost it comes with (UK regulation stops most of the cool US features). We made the decision that there wasn’t enough of a benefit to offer it right now, without having to raise the prices substantially. However it can be added at any time through a software update, so if Tesla roll out an amazing, game-changing FSD update we could buy it retrospectively for the entire fleet at any point in the future!


actually the M3 LR FSD (just found out what that means, and I live in TLA’s and FLA’s) is still listed as a spec on the M3 LR or am I getting confused as I dont understand the lazy driving thing :stuck_out_tongue: and although I trust and love robotics and automation self driving cars are dangerous in some respects… and take the fun out of driving, anyway enough about the ethics of FSD :slight_smile:


@Lily_at_Onto @Carol

You may want to update the spec if Full Self Driviving is not on the new M3 LR


I had a 69 plate M3 Performance and that didn’t have FSD. While it was being repaired by Tesla, I had a Model S loaner which did have FSD. It was nice to try it out, but I wouldn’t pay an extra £6k for it if I was buying one.


Hi @E7EV

It still doesn’t have FSD!

Tesla gave a free 1 month window to try FSD a while back and I tried it on one of the M3’s we own. I use Autopilot a lot and would hate to be without it but FSD was underwhelming, most certainly not worth the money.

I’ve just ordered an M3 LR to replace the Onto M3P and I have not ordered FSD.

The red car has now done 22k miles completely trouble free after you so kindly did the initial testing and fault finding. It goes back in 3 weeks.


Thanks for the update @kcrane. Glad you’ve had trouble free motoring. You weren’t tempted to offer to buy it from ONTO?


Agree, in fact across the range of cars, specs are currently changing due global shortages also, so probably worthwhile flagging which options may or may not be on a fleet car.

My bad @mozzauk i thought the FSD spec info got removed a long time ago from the Tesla models.

You should have consulted us subscribers who use it. The FSD is not minimal like you think. It is very good when you navigate on Autopilot, traffic lights recognition, lane change, blind spot, auto parking and many other features. I drive most on the motorway long distances and I don’t come home knackered.

I will ask this question would you pay another £100 - £200 a month for it to include FSD??

And bare in mind that was a post over 18 months ago, and people didnt make more than a murmur back then…

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@mozzauk Done! Thanks for flagging :slight_smile:



Yes I asked Onto if I could buy it, they said it wasn’t an option.

As it happens it probably wouldn’t have worked out. We have an M3 SR+ we bought for cash 12 months ago. I checked it’s value and found I was being offered as much as it would cost to buy a new one.

If Onto had asked for the market value of the M3P I would have laughed and said I can near enough get a new one for that price!

I have cancelled my order of an M3LR and replaced it with an order for a MY-LR. It is due early 2022 but I have my doubts :slight_smile: In the meantime I will use the M3SR+ and hope used prices stay high until the Y arrives.



So, the red M3P has been collected. Sad to see it go :slightly_frowning_face:

That’s me finished with Onto for the medium term, thank you to their team for a good service over the last couple of years.

PS - it dawns on me to say that the M3 would be a good used option. The one I just returned had 24k miles over 2 years and hadn’t been mollycoddled but when cleaned up and hoovered out looked and drove just as good as when it arrived.

For comparison after 24 months my previous high end Mercs and BMWs were obviously a bit worn (creased or sagging leather, scuffed plastics, out of date interiors etc).


For those that don’t know, I had the red M3P for a month before it got passed on to @kcrane. This is a photo taken when I returned it to ONTO at Leamington Spa.

I say a month, but it was actually 7 weeks, three of which it spent at a Tesla Service Centre. It needed a new front loom. I was given a Model S loaner by the SC, so my Tesla Experience lasted almost two months, and with two different models! I did 4000 miles during that time, completing the challenge of visiting every Supercharger in Great Britain. Obviously the miles done in the MS Loaner didn’t count against my subscription!