No Courtesy Car Available


What happens when there is no courtesy car.

I had an accident on the 02/01/2023 and had burst 2 offside tyres no other vehicles involved.
I was recovered home, tried to report the accident on the 02/01/2023 by phone , but was just hanging on hold. I then reported the accident on the 03/01/2023 via the app and to the insurance. I then spoke to the tyre support and they asked if the alloys could take the new tyres which I said I could not be sure, so they suggested that it needed to go to a repairers. I contact the insurance again on 04/01/2023 and I was contact by the repairers who said someone would be around to pick up the car. After no contact all day I was given the number of allocated local repairers who said they had no courtesy cars free and were just going to arrange for the pick up of the car.
So I call Onto twice on the 05/01/2022 and 06/01/2022 to find out what happens when there is no courtesy car available, both times I was transferred to head office and spent over an hour on hold which at that point I gave up as I had to work. In the meantime I had been chasing the repairers who kept on saying
the car would be picked up on the 05/01/2023 then on the 06/01/2023 with no one turning up to collect the car.
I rang Onto again on the 09/01/2023 and spoke to someone who seem to know what they were talking about, they suggested that they could see if a car could be approved and I could get refund for the time that I have been without a car, but I have not heard anything back on these subjects.
The car was eventually been picked up on 10/01/2023. It is now 13/01/2023 it has been 11 days without a car I have had to hire a car myself to get my daughter back to University.

What is supposed to happen in this type of situation?



A lack of courtesy cars seems to be an ongoing issue for some years now across the whole auto industry whether for a yearly service or repair situation.
However there should be some availability and you shouldn’t have to hire your own car in order to be kept mobile.

I’ll flag @Adam_at_Onto who should be able to get a resolution organised for you.

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We already sorted it @burnt_crisps2 but thanks for flagging.