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Hi, so I booked online for delivery of a E-208 for 19/11/20, I received confirmation of the booking but no payment has been taken and no contract has been sent to me either. Also, the referral code didnt seem to apply, so should I rebook or what? I have sent two emails but still not received anything, is this normal procedure and is there a wait time for the contract? When is the first payment usually taken? Thank you in advance … Hoping someone can restore some confidence.

Payment isn’t taken until a contract is signed, but when the contract is sent to you does vary. Call them up if in doubt, its the best way to get quick answers. Still plenty of time yet though, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

Also as for the referral code isn’t too much cause for concern either. They don’t really show up anywhere but just get deducted from your first invoice if you do qualify for the £50 discount.

Don’t try to book anything again, but do call 0800 030 6840 and press the option for a new member if you have any doubts. They will be able to take a look at your booking and let you know what’s going on.


Thankyou so much for your help!

I have subsequently just received an email from them so hopefully the ball is rolling!!

Just one final question, I have downloaded the app but I can’t log in, just kicks me out saying cannot authenticate device, I use a Motorola G7 play… I can’t seem to find any information on this problem!

If you get in touch again they should be able to check that your account is all set up to log in. You should be able to gain access to the app, but won’t be able to see your booking until you’re within about a hour of your car’s scheduled delivery day and time. If you can’t log in at all if may be worth doing some troubleshooting in advance to get this sorted out.

One thing I would say is make sure your Google Play services are up to date, location access and bluetooth is enabled, the time and date is correct, and that your phone isn’t rooted (if you don’t know what this means, don’t worry, it won’t apply to you). You shouldn’t have any issues with that phone though, I have used a Moto G series phone with the Onto/Evezy app and it was one of the most reliable devices for connecting to the car.


Daisycadle, did you get the “cannot authenticate device” app error sorted out, and how? I registered with three days ago and ordered a car today (though I haven’t yet been sent my contract to sign). When I attempt to log in in the Android app, I’m getting the same “cannot authenticate device” error (with location and Bluetooth enabled, if that matters at this stage), though I can log in successfully to the web site using the same credentials. Just wondering whether this is because I’m currently in some temporary new-user limbo, or if it’s a genuine incompatibility issue with my phone.

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Which mobile phone are you using?

A Nokia 6.1 (TA-1050) running Android 10. I have not thus far had any issues running any recent app on it, so I would be surprised if the phone were the problem.

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Which vehicle are you getting?

A Zoe ZE50 GT Line R135 next Wednesday, if I’m to believe the confirmation email.

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I never had any issues using the app when I had my Zoe, and not heard of any problems with your type of phone. May be just too early as ONTO can’t confirm for sure the registration of the vehicle until day of delivery.

You could always try another mobile or tablet. Anyone you know with an iPhone or iPad?

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I’ll consider trying alternative robot- or fruit-based devices if it still appears to be broken once the contract is signed and it’s a handful of days before the car is supposed to be delivered. Several times in the past, when registering with new services (especially those that offer web and mobile login), I’ve found that the initial registration process has failed to set the password correctly, and pretending to have forgotten my password, then resetting it, has fixed the problem. I’ll try that if the problem persists. Or even call them.

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An Android One device will have no problem at all with the ONTO App. It will just be the usual account issue so don’t worry about it. Your account will come to life any time between signing the contract and the time that your digital key becomes available for download (30 minutes prior to your booking start time)

Plenty of people have had similar concerns but it worked when they ultimately needed it to.


Thanks very much for the reassurance. You’re absolutely right: I signed the contract this afternoon, and now (with the booking now showing up on the My Account page of the Onto web site), the app lets me log in without any issues. The upcoming booking does not show in the app, but the app shows a message saying that the booking will only appear 30 minutes before the collection time – and I need to wait a week for that to roll around.

Yeah, again that’s totally normal and nothing to worry about. 30-60 minutes before your booking start time your app will change to show you the assigned car, license plate, current location, and the option to download your digital key. Don’t do this until the car is parked outside your house though, since as soon as you receive this it activates your booking and will deduct the delivery from your monthly mileage allowance, which wouldn’t be ideal.

Finally, once the car does arrive, be sure to complete the form I am linking below. A lot of people have said they haven’t received the text message recently, but it is quite important since it allows you to send in photos of the vehicle condition and complete a checklist of all the equipment that should be included with your car, protecting you against any accusations or issues later on when it comes to swapping or returning the car to ONTO.

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