No Claims!?

Hello - I’m new to onto and get my first car on 24th May. Obviously insurance is included, so what do people do about the NCD that has been built up over many years?

Also, what excess insurance do you recommend?

Thanks in advance… :slight_smile:

Check with your current insurer, but most will put NCD on hold for up to 2 years. Get a document from them confirming exactly how many years NCD you currently have.

If you will not get another insurance policy during those 2 years, you could just insure another vehicle in the family before that time runs out.

Everyone will say check the fine print for yourself, but make sure you use TopCashBack if you do sign up to the excess cover called insurance4carhire. Referral for TopCashBack if you don’t already use.


Thanks - so I ask them to cancel insurance and see how long they will hold it? I suppose I could juggle it around with my husband’s car in the future.

Thanks - I will have a look at that.

Get confirmation of your current NCD. Most insurance companies will accept that if less than 2 years old, not just your own. Juggling with your husband every two years would be a good idea.

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I believe would also write a letter to state how long you go without claiming for them at the end of your subscription if you needed it (need to check). In that case along with the certificate of no claims from your existing insurer then if you go back to insuring a car again in the future then many insurers will take that into account I think.
I previously had a similar (but not exactly the same situation) where I had 9 years no claims before, then a company car for 3 years. Theoretically I should have lost my personal no claims but when I got quotes for insurance when I needed to insure my own car again I just provided a letter for the fleet insurance for the business car, showing no claims during my company car use, as well as the no claims from my previous personal insurance and several of the mainstream insurers were fine to then resume my 9 years no claims. I think that’s entirely at the discretion of the insurer but it worked out ok for me.


Great - thank you for all of the information. Very helpful!

@jhop which vehicle are you getting?

I’ve got a little project I’ve been working on as and when I can, engine’s not even in it and only two wheels. but it’s now insured… That’ll keep my no claims going

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I am getting the Kona Ultimate. I used to have a Zoe years ago (was one of the first people to get one). But I then swapped that back to an ICE, as the range wasn’t enough for me. So all these years later, I’m now coming back to it…


Remember to take the excess insurance out before the car arrives. :+1:

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