'No charging' subscription option

Hi all,

Hope you’re well and have had a good start to the year. For those who haven’t seen my previous posts, I’m Rob, CEO and Co-founder of Onto, and I wanted to share an update today regarding charging options.

Earlier today, we launched a no-charging subscription trial. We’ve heard from some of our customers that they want flexibility to help Onto fit their needs, and we’ve been hard at work to get a trial out as quickly as possible. This will allow those that do not use public charging to reduce their monthly subscription cost.

Initially the trial will only be available for new customers choosing Tier 1 cars (listed below), but if this proves to be successful we will work hard to roll this out for existing customers and to expand the offering to all our cars as soon as possible (in weeks rather than months).

If you’re an existing customer and want to register your interest for no-charging, fill in the form here and you’ll be the first to know when it is available.

New customers will still receive a Shell Recharge card with their car that we can activate/deactivate in line with their monthly hire agreement cycle - giving you the flexibility to change your preference at any time.

We anticipate you might have some questions around this, so please check out the page here for more info. You can also contact our customer service team at [email protected] if you have further questions.

With many thanks,
Rob and the Onto Team


Really good to see this option being rolled out.
For all those subscribers who have Onto as a second car (low mileage) and charge at home this will make a substantial saving.
Interest form completed :+1:


Definitely a great option for people who have cheaper home charging rates. More option are always good. Gives flexibility and helps customers tailor their packages better. Only thing is how quick would the card activation be?

@Pranjal We can get the cards activated within 24-48 hours of them being added back on however this would be maximum timescale.

These requests would be treated as urgent and as such there should be minimal delay in using them :slight_smile:


To add to this @Dan_at_Onto you could also email the customer with the card ID so it can at least be added to the Shell APP immediately.

Hey @MisterOaks

The charge cards will already be in the vehicle on delivery. The only difference is they wont be activated.

if someone adds the charging on we just activate the card so its already in the customers possession and they’ll already have it :slight_smile:




That makes way more sense.

How. Do. Read.


@MisterOaks Probably the safest option with how the postage delays are currently! we dont want someone paying £60 for a bolt on then waiting 2 weeks for the card! :slight_smile:


Hi @Dan_at_Onto as a home-charger I’m definitely interested to see if this is rolled out to existing customers, but will it factor in the fact that most existing customers are paying less per month than new customers (for now)?
If so, I guess you’ll have 4 different pricing structures for each car, eg Zoe GT Line+
Old price without charging £439 (assuming same discount)
New price without charging £489
Old price with charging £499
New price with charging £549
Many thanks,

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Hey @Nicka123 Hope you’re well! Thanks for posting!

This will be rolled out to existing members soon. The new customer option only on Tier 1 is just to trial it however in the coming weeks/months we will be rolling out to existing members and other vehicle tiers :slight_smile:

I’m not sure exactly how it’ll work for existing subscribers who have our price protection in place for the next few months however once it’s rolled out our marketing team have said they’ll provide an update via email and the community as always so we’ll keep you in the loop!

I’ll also keep you posted if I get any further info I can divulge!

Hope this helps!


Hi @Dan_at_Onto - just a quick one; looking in my online account today I’ve noticed that the Shell bolt-on is there, says I don’t have it, and offers me the chance to pay for it.
As an existing subscriber I assume this is a bug?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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@jackmanclose Hey!

Looks to be a bug! I’ve spoken to our tech guys and It looks like its a bug and it’s showing there in advance of it being made available to existing subscribers.

to confirm you don’t need to add this if you’re an existing customer with shell on your account.

Thanks for flagging this!



Thanks @Dan_at_Onto

I want this as an existing customer. Can we not sign up to this?

Yes just go here…as per first post in thread.

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That form doesn’t load

Try a different browser or be logged out of your account as loads for me on Chrome and Edge

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@BlackDave hey!

This is currently in a trial phase for new customers in tier 1 and so we can understand interest from existing members.

This will be rolled out to existing customers and other tiers very soon

Hope this helps!

Question regarding existing users.

Will the discount be based on the new 9th Jan prices, or the locked in prices for those of us who have been subscribed since before then?

Also, based on the shell app I’m spending over £100 a month on charging just with shell, and I use instavolt shell and BP, surely we can get a bigger discount, especially on higher tiers (I’m on tier 2)


@BlackDave at this point I’m not sure how the pricing will work or if it will or won’t have a bigger discount based on tier or price protection.

Our marketing team will be announcing how this will work in the very near future, however as always once I get the go ahead and the lowdown on how this will work I’ll come back to you


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