Nissan leaf 2022

With new refresh look and more features add it will be great addition to the fleet :wink:

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I was very close to getting a Leaf (torn between Leaf or MG5, but @Koda leant me more towards the Leaf). But now I might wait for this

Not clicked the link yet but I hope for the following:

  • CCS instead of Chademo
  • Larger more modern infotainment system
  • No large transmission tunnel in the rear middle floor
  • More useful boot

If so then I’ll wait for it

After clicking the link I see I have no reason to wait. I can see why they call it a “light refresh”

There’s no major changes planned. This is the design until the LEAF is axed in the coming years. It’s just a minor style refresh and honestly it looks a little worse in my opinion, especially the new alloys. Only thing that excites me is more color choice now.

The infotainment system has already been refreshed in the past few months so I wouldn’t count on any further revisions either.

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Yeah it’s a bit disappointing. Sorry for tagging you and taking up your time. I had high hopes

Not at all. Always happy to help out!


I had the same reactions last year when I suggested the new Mokka but looked how it turned out :crazy_face:

So I won’t be surprised if Again I have the last laugh :sweat_smile: :upside_down_face:

OK! quoting for posterity! :wink::rofl:

My reaction was - on sight of pics - to “Leaf it out”… but I think it’s just a case of how quickly some of these newcomers grow on you. But could also be I have no taste.

With a decade of development, I don’t think you can denigrate just what the Leaf has done, but it does seem it’s being left behind these days and across Nissan/Renault they’re just about ready to usher in some cars for the 2020s - and I for one am getting a little excited to see where they’re going!

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