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Hi guys,

I was approved to use into before I booked but I wondered my car is due Friday do they call you up before to run through anything?as Iv not heard anything minus confirmation last week, Or is it a case of the car will come and the driver explains things to you?


You may hear nothing at all. Don’t even expect the driver to necessarily say anything. Sometimes they just dump it somewhere near your house and walk off without even letting you know it’s been delivered. It’s totally self service and you will just unlock with the app once your booking starts.

I’d say to expect a text from Gefco on the day. They sometimes give you a code to track it, but if not your app will simply spring to life 30 minutes before the booking start time.

Is there anything specific that your are concerned about and would like to confirm? Maybe we can advise here or you can speak directly to ONTO by phone or live chat too.

Thanks again it was just general enquiry as after I booked I haven’t heard anything so not sure what to expect but you’ve been a help again :slightly_smiling_face:

@Dani87 we have a welcome video which is in the app and you can view here. This is a new starter guide and hopefully this will help.

Quick Start Video:

How to charge your car:

How to drive an electric car:

How to use the Onto app:


Recived my i3 today… got a text at 8am and arrived at 10. Nice and quick… HOWEVER the car was not cleaned inside and stank… reported to onto…

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Oh no! That’s annoying for you although to doubt anything will come from your complaint :frowning:

You should get your delivery fee reimbursed.

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If you don’t get a link from gefco on the day ring onto and they’ll chase it, I’ve never had no problems , I also had a message off the driver aswell. Just make sure you have a look at the handover info in the menu, make sure you have the charging cables both of them and your polar plus and shell card. I’ve never had no problems and I’ve had a few different cars.

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I had same with my i3 when it was delivered whoever gets mine will be lucky its, spotless but its, awaiting repair the windscreen needs rebounding and sils drilling its a, common issue with the i3 apparently on the forums

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