Newbie to ev

Hello peeps
Just got a delivery date car booked14th May looking forward to the ZE Gt line no idea as to what the reg will be colour is Flame Red I think , so how do I buy extra miles I can’t see anywhere and app not showing anything but my invoice does it burst into life nearer the time?

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The Zoes for mid May are likely to be brand new additions to the fleet. There’s a good chance (though not guaranteed) that you’ll get a brand new 21 plate with only delivery mileage. The actual plate number will be supplied 30 minutes before you booking start time in the app and on their website.

Once you get your car and download your digital key it will start your booking. That’s when you’ll get the full functionality and will be able to add a mileage package to your account.

You can only do this once per month on your online account, but mileage credits will roll over for up to a year. It’s definitely advisable to add too many rather than too little, since this would be cheaper than the potential excess mileage charges.

Have you planned your options for charging, whether that’s at home, work or public charging? Check Zap Map to see what’s in your area if you haven’t already.

Be sure to download the Renault app, Zap Map, ABRP and the Onto app itself. All of these will likely come in handy over your time with your new EV.

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Thank you koda all usefull info some I knew lots I didn’t dunno what abrp is but will look good to know I can only buy miles once so worth a look before a leap I think so thanks wish I had booked earlier now as I just put 14th in to see what was available lol still passes quickly still have my jeep too for the caravan😃

A Better Route Planner. @BillN is our resident expert on this tool for planning journeys and where and when to charge.

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Thnx for help have found it ABRP is now on phone all the apps etc it’s a little overwhelming for the newbie but getting there :joy:


I had my ZE50 delivered last Tuesday. It was a 70 plate with a December build date but hadn’t been used so I received it with delivery miles only. Looks like the Zoes are coming from Doncaster way at the moment.

I’m already so impressed with it and I’m sure you will be too!

That’ll be Gefco Sandtoft.
You’ll have got one of their spare cars from a previous batch. They keep some back in case of trouble with a subscriber’s vehicle. But when they get returned they will shuffle these around to average out the mileage.

There is a new batch of Zoes joining the fleet from May 13. These will be recently built, on 21 plates with the northern deliveries coming from BCA in Manchester, rather than Gefco just outside Doncaster like you had last week.

Ah, that’s interesting! Thanks for clarifying that :slight_smile:

Not fussed about plate tbh as long it’s not a shed :joy:

Some of the very earliest models were known for their teething problems. I imagine most subscribers took them in to the dealer for a warranty repair by this point, but a few do slip through the cracks. If you get a 20 Plate some have an annoying creaking noise that comes from the trunk hinges when you are driving along.

I’ve had my flame red Zoe GT Line for just over a week now and I love it. Mine is on a 70 plate and had only delivery miles on the clock. Enjoy your car when you get it :red_car::blush:

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:+1:mine comes on 14th and it’s flame :fire: red too :grinning::grinning:


ABRP is indispensable IMO - saw us home to London from Scotland today with no stress about efficiency or mental arithmetic despite the driving conditions.


Will give ABRP a go.

Got ZAP Map and Waze.

With so many chargers attached with Starbucks I think my covid belly is going to get a bit bigger. :rofl:

Don’t forget all the InstaVolt chargers at McDonalds that you’ll soon be able to use. But then they’re also at Bannatyne Gyms, so no excuse :wink:


Got me with that one :rofl: