Newbie Question: Home chargers


New to Onto and EV cars, so apologies if this has been answered before.

There seems to be a myriad of home chargers in the market, which one is best, and not tie you to one particular make or model?

I intend to home charge if possible, and have 3 phase power already, are the higher wattage chargers worth it… we may look at another electric car if this “experiment” works out, so this may change the question.

Also looking at the installer sites, all prices quoted stated the Gov discount, but to qualify you need to own/prove ownership of an EV… or am I misunderstanding that?
So using Onto is not really a way of getting that discount?

Hi Francis I’m a newbie to joined onto just under a month ago. Haven’t gone to the home charging route yet as seeing how it works with the polar and shell cards but my understanding is you still would qualify with the grant for a home charger still with leasing

Get a Zappi if you have solar panels, or a Pod Point if you do not.
Going 3-Phase probably won’t cost much extra since you already have the supply, so it may well be worth it, but remember that not all cars will be able to make full use of it.

You may still be able to get the grant with an ONTO Vehicle. Get in touch with them when they are back in the office on Monday and see what they can do for you. Different people seem to get different answers about this. Some people get told yes, others get told yes but only if they sign up to a 6 month contract, and some are told no, from what I have seen.

Looking at the gov website * individuals who lease an eligible vehicle for at least 6 months is the criteria when leasing

They’re all pretty similar nowadays to be honest, I’d base my decision on the best deal unless you’re looking for a specific feature.

Some energy providers offer big discounts, could even be worth temporarily switching if someone is going a good deal?

We got ours with a grant that the installers sorted out, I think we contributed around £150ish and have a Rolec untethered type 2 7kw. It’s always been fine.

And yes, we claimed the government grant when we were leasing not owning. The leasing company just provided an email which the installers used for the application.

I believe onto have a similar arrangement, probably best to call and speak with customer service tomorrow.

If you speak to they will be able to offer you a 6 month contract If you plan to stay that long so you can apply for the funding

Just a point to check out whether that would invalidate any Car Hire Excess Insurance that you may have taken out. Often the case that you solve one problem and create another!

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While these 6 month contracts are rare, I am sure that I recall someone who did manage to get one saying they committed to not being able to return the car for 6 months from delivery, but still had monthly rental agreements as well as the usual monthly billing and payment cycle.