Newbie :) hi everyone

Hey guys just ordered the ds3 crossback looking forward to delivery next Wednesday im hoping I like the service and I will definitely renew every month if you like it can you just renew and keep it longer than a month?


@Mikeybirmz yeah they send you through a new e contract each month to tick and sign if you want to keep. Super easy :slight_smile:

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mine being delivered in an hour


Is it 20 plate? I have no idea :joy:

Cheers buddy all new to me

Yeah no worries, that’s the good thing about the community bit, you can normally get an answer and everyone’s happy to help.

All of the new cars recently added to the fleet from Onto appear to be coming with 70 Plates now.
Yes, as above you simply sign a new rental agreement each month if you are happy and keep going with the same car (or swap to another model if you like - though a brand new car is not guaranteed every time!)

Hope you like the new car. Let us all know how it goes!

Consider taking out annual Car Hire Excess Insurance before your DS arrives.

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I haven’t thought about that how do you go about doing it?

Search for ‘Insurance4CarHire’ on Google. They’re probably the most recommended option at the moment. Other companies are available but there’s fewer of us with experience of claiming with them.

You have to sign up before you get the car in order to be covered from day 1 of your hire, otherwise it wouldn’t be useful until month 2 renewal.

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Grand thank you for your help buddy

A lot of us are with insurance4carhire. Those that have claimed have seen their claims paid out. It’s around £50 a year. My policy is up for renewal at the end of the month.

Obviously everyone’s situation is different so you should read the policy and make your own decision.

You must take it out before the first day of hire that you want to cover. It then covers all individual hires up to a maximum of 62days for the rest of the year.

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Ok kewl im new so ill defo do that im lookog on having the ds3 for atleast a year so getting cover will definitely help

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I thought onto comes with fully comp insurance included, is this other insurance to cover the excess or to protect against minor damage (chips etc)

There is fully comprehensive insurance included with ONTO, but with a £1000 Excess, and also from memory a fairly pricey excess to pay for things like windscreen replacement too. These policies allow you to claim back the excess cost you pay for such incidents, as well as cover against damage charges which can again be claimed back.


So if they find damage and charge you for it when returned, you can claim it back from the the excess insurance. Is this true ?

I can confirm you can, I have claimed myself and was reimbursed by them the next day !