Newbie here

Have you considered excess insurance to cover you against the £1000 insurance excess that you get with Onto? Insurance4CarHire is a popular choice among us here, and may be worth looking into and see if it suits you? If so, just be sure to buy it prior to your car being delivered.

Secondly, have you downloaded the Onto app, Hyundai BlueLink app, as well as Zap Map and ABRP?

What are you doing for charging? Will you be relying on public charging? (If so check Zap Map to see what’s around you) or do you have the ability to plug in at home with the supplied ‘granny’ cable?

The Ioniq is a very good car to start in. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!


Hello, I thought I’d hop on the back of this thread as I’m also a new subscriber starting with an ID3 on the 26th this month! Thanks for the advice on the insurance @Koda. Is this the correct policy for what we need ?

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It is indeed.
While the policy wasn’t exactly designed for subscription services, Onto is technically covered because you sign a new rental agreement every month. As a result there is never a hire period longer than 31 days. Many people (myself included) have made successful claims over the time with them.

Of course I must give the usual disclaimer that you need to read carefully and make your own decision if it is suitable for your needs and requirements.

Great, thanks for the advice!

Hi yes i can plug in at home combined with public charging, i will check those apps out now cheers

There’s a wealth of information on here from other members who’ve collectively learnt loads about not just EV Driving in general, but Onto’s program in particular.

My advice:
Create a folder on your phone’s home screen for the contingent of apps that you’ll be downloading to charge around the nation. One of the most useful is Zap-Map which is invaluable in looking for chargers around you (or around where you’re going to be) and checking what other members say in terms of reliability, and for many points whether they’re currently in use. You also want to grab as @Koda mentioned above the Hyundai BlueLink app to link to the car directly.

There are loads of charging networks which are included with your Onto subscription. The latest list sorted alphabetically is here: New to ONTO - Any Tips

I’ve quoted it directly below:

Depending on your location there’s likely some members around your area who can give insight into what the networks are like in your area.

If you’ve off-street parking and can charge at home (or work) then you may not need to visit charge points much unless you’re doing bigger trips.

If you do bigger trips, “a better route planner” (ABRP for short) is an app and website where you can “plan trips” by inputting your car, starting location (and charging %) and destination, and it’ll give you recommendations for where to charge along the way.

It’s good to have at least a plan B for charging just in case there’s a problem with the point that you plan on using - either it might be in use, blocked by a non-charging vehicle or could be broken. Again zap-map research will be useful here to get insight into if something’s broken before you set off.

In addition to the “included” networks you can also charge for free at many Tesco, Sainsbury, Lidl, Asda etc who have installed “pod-point” supermarket chargers. This can be great if you can add some charge while you shop, but you should make sure you confirm parking rules as most supermarkets use private parking enforcement with ANPR and you may need to register your registration plate at the store to qualify for free parking.

You can also use “Tesla Destination” chargers (if the location allows - often at hotels or some restaurants) - these almost always have one point dedicated for Tesla drivers and one for any EV.

It’s a good idea to practice charging a couple of times before you get the hang of it - the first time you use a new type of charge point will often be different to the last time - but don’t be intimidated, it’s all part of the fun!

The Ioniq is one of the most efficient EVs around, by all reports it’s good to drive, has good standard equipment and those with them seem to like them - what you will hopefully find is that EV driving is really enjoyable, relaxing and a bit fun too (the power available when you put your foot down is really impressive!) and hopefully you love your Onto journey! :slight_smile:


Thank you lots of good information

Everyone has pretty much covered all the essentials here already, so the only thing I can say is that I have an Ioniq at the moment if you need any advice or have any questions regarding the car

I believe this is only when there are three or more chargers, although happy to be corrected if this isn’t the case. Always best to check the user comments on Zap-Map for the location concerned.

At least the one I’ve used definitely only had two, one Tesla and one for anyone.

It wasn’t the fastest (approx 5kW) but the restaurant served fantastic food and it was a very very nice setting. PO41 0YJ on the Isle of Wight :smiley:


Hey, so EV should arrive tomorrow :slight_smile: - Mine due a week today :slight_smile:

Logistics causing delivery delays at present, keep us posted as to how you get on and if it is GEFCO who delivers

This is a great active, helpful, friendly forum :slight_smile:

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Took delivery of my Kona EV Ultimate this morning. So far so good. Brand new, straight from Tilbury Docks, presumably via a Hyundai dealer?
So far I’ve downloaded 3 apps, BlueLink, Zap-Map and PlugShare. Thinking about adding ABRP but it has less stars than PlugShare and can’t tell the difference between ZM, PS and ABRP? Which do you swear by?
Am I correct in assuming that BlueLink tethers my phone to the car? At the moment, I suspect that Hyundai will just bother me for ever, even though I don’t intend to be a longterm Hyundai person.

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Zap Map for finding chargers, checking the status of them and looking at recent comments
ABRP for planning your journeys with greater accuracy
PlugShare isn’t especially active in the UK. It’s been a fantastic tool for me in the US for example, but it just doesn’t seem to have a large enough user base in the UK as Zap Map tends to do it better.

Bluelink allows you to control your car via the phone app. You can do things like check the battery level and charging status, monitor your vehicle health, check journey records, and preheat/cool your car before a journey for example. When you’re done with it, you can fully delete your Hyundai account so you should never hear from them again afterwards if you don’t want to.

The Kona is a great car, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Which color do you have? Mine is Surfy Blue!


I use ZapMap for checking chargers nearby wherever I’m travelling to. I prefer to have a look and decide myself based on the “chat” section for each charger. Some chargers are buggy and some seem to just work and you’ll only find out by seeing what others have to say about them. ABRP and other route planners (ZapMap route planner included) don’t really take this info into consideration.

Some swear by ABRP though and it’s very useful for planning a journey and charging stops for you. Also very in depth with lots of customisation.

Another useful app is WattsUp. You can add a route and it will show you all the rapid chargers very near your route with handy little icons to show you which company runs the charger.

Again, others will swear by car apps like Bluelink to check battery status etc but the only time I ever use one is to preheat the car in the winter.

Overall, it’s really down to your own personal preference. Try everything out and see what works for you.

Enjoy your Kona.


I support the view on ZapMap. I would also encourage all EV users to use the Chat option and confirm the charger status, problems etc. I find that extremely useful to check before visiting a charge point. :older_man:


Pulse Red.

Thanks for the uber quick response.

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Thanks Tomahawx.
WattsUp sounds like a must

I find it quite useful. Although I don’t think you can run it on Android auto and it has limited functionality on Apple Carplay.

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Thank you its mainly charging trying to get head around, how are you finding the car ?

Yes gefco who are delivering thats where it is atm