Newbie here with onto be kind 😁

Wow… we get… a KEY???

Glad I went with the pug instead of the DS

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I’m a special kind of special me :joy::joy::joy:

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God… really hoping they don’t fix the key issue before my delivery on Tuesday :grimacing:


Thats what im hoping for really want a key mine is coming Friday :grin:

…but what about when it is “fixed”? Do they send the boys round to collect the key?

Ah, well it had promised at least… maybe a V2 will work better!

More concerningly, I still haven’t quite nailed down the circumstances my ZE40 will lock its self. It happens when you close the boot on occasion, and usually gives me a moment of blind panic as I check through my pockets to find my phone. So far it has always been on me, but I do wonder if that is more by chance than design!

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It’s the standard Renault proximity key technology. Close a door after switching the car off and it will search for a key. If no key is found inside the car or nearby then it will lock itself.

Onto’s equipment is rather basic, and they don’t appear to have fitted anything to simulate the presence of a key, but rather controlled by a little black box that instructs the car to do things like unlock or start by remote commands directly to the car’s computer rather than using the key system as intended.

As a result, from what I can see, as soon as the Onto device stops all activity (sending or receiving data like location, mileage, date and time, battery stats or handling requests to lock or unlock etc.) then it will instantly jump to a state of no key being present, and if all doors are closed, the car will auto lock.

How long their black box remains active for is a bit random so sometimes it may do it within seconds of shutting the car off, other times you might have to have the car off for a while.

I Still haven’t had much time to play with a non-Onto ZE50 yet, but I am looking forward to pulling one apart, experimenting and finding out what is so different that means the new model doesn’t auto lock without a key being present.

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My Zoe ZE40 auto locked with my phone still inside twice. First time I was with my Dad, so downloaded the ONTO app on to his phone and used that to open the car. Second time, I had to ask a neighbour to borrow his phone to ring ONTO!

So there are some advantages to having an App. :wink:

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With the ZE40, it seems to behave as if there were a key at all times when my phone is is connected, and the app is in the unlocked state. For example, If I get out of the car to pop into a shop or something while my wife is waiting in the car, when I get back in the car tells me to insert the key when trying to restart the car.

Incidentally, it does amuse me when the car sometimes complains about the ‘engine’ running or not running… I am sure that they could have come up with a better error message, especially considering the lack of ‘engine’!

I think the rule is 60 seconds from unlocking to start the car before their device requires another unlock request to be able to start the car, regardless of how long your phone is connected to the vehicle by Bluetooth for.

The internal timer for starting the car is controlled by Onto’s device and is a separate system to the proximity key detection which locks the doors. For example my phone can have an active bluetooth connection with the access device but still auto lock when I close the last door.