Newbie here with onto be kind 😁

Hello all hope all is well i cant wait to try the cars … i been registered for awhile now but never ordered but i now have my peugeot e208 is coming friday cant wait first time fully electric i have driven hybrids like the yaris and the kia niro which i do like alot lol onto should get this car in electric of course .

But with the locking and unlocking car through app im not to keen on but willing to give it a go see how it goes lol but if they aint gonna supply a key which would be better there could use a smart card like they do with a car service here in Birmingham co wheels where u tap the card on the windscreen and the car locks and unlocks it would save getting your phone out connecting then unlock especially when its raining just a thought im not complaining or anything lol :joy: as im looking forward to the car.

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Yeah the Tesla has a keycard, we got ours due to connectivity issues where we live and the app not working and it’s so much easier. It’s a good idea. Easy to disable the cards if needed just put them on stop. I’d even be willing to pay a deposit on them. The app is fine for me but like you say in the rain it is annoying or when you have lots of stuff in your hand and trying to juggle clicking buttons on your phone.

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Well welcome anyway!

I have to say I wasn’t overly keen on the whole app unlock thing at first, but I have just got used to it!

I have a Zoe ZE40, and the app has its quirks… Like when you press the feature button to unlock the charger flap, you then have to re unlock the whole car for some reason, but you get used to it.

I am not 100% sure this is strictly within the t&C’s but hypothetically you could add the app to a second phone so that if you have a back up in case your main phone runs out of battery. But in this very ‘hypothetical’ situation you might find a few issues where you can’t sometimes easily reconnect back to your main phone!

What ever happened to the Bluetooth proximity unlock boxes? @E7EV - Didn’t you have one of the magic boxes for your ZE40? Did it get transferred across to your ZE50? Does it still work?

Welcome @scottc7891. Hope you enjoy your new car! I’m switching from a ZE50 to an e-208 next week and looking forward to it.

This thread makes me ask myself again, what is Onto’s rationale for using an app rather than giving out keys?

I admit it makes contactless delivery possible, but otherwise can see little upside. Surely it’s not a security issue, since any vehicle can presumably be remotely tracked and immobilised anyway. On the downside, maintaining the app is an overhead that the company has to shoulder.

One silver lining of the problems I’ve have with the ZE50 was that I accidentally ended up with the key. (The Renault dealer refused to send it back in the post because they were worried about security.) Don’t worry, I’ve confessed to Onto and it will be going back with Zoe next week. But boy did it improve my experience over the last few weeks.

I’ve got some disappointing news for you - There’s an upcoming trial where these onboard computers and card readers won’t be installed on the newer cars, in favor of an app system too.

With Onto, the app system honestly isn’t terrible. It’s definitely slower and takes a bit of getting used to, but you learn to accept the quirks. I’d still absolutely rather have a key though!

I’m sure I read that it was fitted to all the new cars already in preparation, but it hadn’t been activated yet. E7EV is definitely a better person to confirm though.

The good thing about the app is that you don’t have to carry a bunch of keys around anymore although this has lead to me nearly locking myself out of the house. The proximity box was never very good, with about a 50% failure rate when i wanted it to work but 100% successful when I walked out to the shops/pub or went near the front of the house.

The app is very reliable, in 7 months I have had only 2 occasions where I had to restart the phone to get it to work. If you loose your phone or its battery is flat then as long as you can remember the password you can load the app onto another device to get into the car.

Not sure if it was a mistake but when they delivered my car last month they left me with a key :wink:

However, I have been using the app to lock and unlock the car. Have had a couple of issues where it says the Bluetooth is not enabled, but it is, so force the app to close and re-open and it works.

I would say, as with any app, check that your phone has all the updates installed, and you have the latest version of the app to avoid any issues. If you have an older phone that is no longer support so does not get the latest Android or IOS updates then time for an upgrade.

One advantage of the app over keys is the car is less likely to get nicked. I have a few friends now that have had their cars stolen off their driveway via relay car theft. Got so bad in one area that people have been forced to install collapsible bollards on their drives by their insurers to stop this type of crime.


Mine’s been in the door bin of the ZE50 since I swapped vehicles. Not that it’s doing anything. Just a handy place to keep it until ONTO ask for it back. Hopefully, tomorrow it will be in the door bin of an e-208!

Oh and thanks for giving that white box a name. Always wondered what to call it…apart from useless :wink:

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I’m afraid he is not! The beta test finished, I’ve still got the box (sorry, Bluetooth Proximity Unlock Device) and that’s about all I know on the subject.

To all you techies, how difficult would it be to employ the same system as Tesla do with the M3? Vehicle locks/unlocks without needing to take your mobile out of your pocket/bag?

One for the first meeting of the Customer Forum, I think. Hopefully we’ll be polled by the chosen participants for suggestions on agenda points.

There’s aftermarket devices that could be fitted to Onto vehicles but it wouldn’t do a very good job. The Tesla entry system works so well because it’s built in to the car so can do something smarter than looking for a device in range and deciding if that means to lock or unlock. I’ve tested something similar on other vehicle fleets before and ended up advising against a wider rollout due to issues.


Although it’s apple specific, it’s interesting implementation, presumably using NFC.

Believe BMW have started supporting it.

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i was given a key with my ze50 as the delivery company said onto were having issues especially with people having underground parking etc

Thanks for the replies yes the key would be great be but i am looking forward to trying this feature out. Also read somewhere that the e208 does have a keyless fob does that come with it or still fully app?

And with delivery how does it all work do you get phone call/email days before the day it due? And how do they deliver the car?

The keyless entry thing is part of the normal key with the e-208. You won’t be getting that so won’t be able to use it. I haven’t heard about any new Onto access tech being fitted to these cars.

With delivery it really depends. Sometimes the car will just appear outside and you’ll not hear anything or even know it is there until you look for it. Other times you’ll get a driver who calls you to let you know when to expect it to arrive, and knock on your door to let you know and give you the chance to walk around with them.

You should get a text or email with a tracking link, but it doesn’t seem everyone gets this.

Be aware of two things:
-The delivery time is more of an estimate than a guarantee. They can, and sometimes do arrive early or late.
-You have no obligation to take the delivery driver to the train station even if they ask you to. The delivery company make arrangements for travel for all of their drivers and you have no requirement to assist with this.

Finally, when it arrives, be sure to take a good look at the condition, take lots of photos, and report this over at the below link before you drive:


Just found out that keys will be supplied with the e-208s as they’ve been having a few issues. The App should still work, but the key is being supplied as backup. You can use either. Not sure if this is just temporary, or long term.

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Okay if that is the case happy days as i want a key where did u hear this from? So friday i shud get a key with car

I’ve just been told by ONTO, and assuming this applies to all pugs being delivered in this first batch. Wouldn’t think it just applies to mine. In any case, I and no doubt others will be able to confirm tomorrow when we take delivery.

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Welcome to Onto! My experience has been generally good so far. I think there have been some customer service teething problems, but a little perseverance and patience on my side has stemmed those. Advice from the forum has helped too.

Working with the app has become second nature. A key would be perfect but giving up a little control over opening the car is (IMO) a fair exchange for the fantastic deal offered by Onto. There’s no way I want to take out more credit in the current economic environment and, through Onto, I’ve been able to experience EV ownership with very little risk to myself.

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I have also just had a voicemail stating I will be getting the key tomorrow due to some initial issues, even though I should have been in any case.


Must really hurt that you’re not special anymore :rofl:

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