Newbie here... Hello ONTO Family

Hello all, so excited to be on board. I’m looking at getting my first EV but couldn’t see an option to choose a specific colour. Is this possible or is it luck or the draw as to what colour is delivered? Thanks in advance

Hello! Welcome!
When you go on book a car you should be able to choose a colour from a drop down menu. You may have to change the date of delivery to get different colours as it changes what cars are available at that time.

So you could choose a later delivery date to get the colour you want, if you have a preference :blush:


As above, you pick on the booking form. Just beware that not all colors are available in all areas, and some models were only added to the fleet in a single color. For example the Zoe ZE40, LEAF, and i3 are only available in white I believe.


Amazing, thanks both :blush: