Newbie here... Hello ONTO Family

Hello all, so excited to be on board. I’m looking at getting my first EV but couldn’t see an option to choose a specific colour. Is this possible or is it luck or the draw as to what colour is delivered? Thanks in advance

Hello! Welcome!
When you go on book a car you should be able to choose a colour from a drop down menu. You may have to change the date of delivery to get different colours as it changes what cars are available at that time.

So you could choose a later delivery date to get the colour you want, if you have a preference :blush:


As above, you pick on the booking form. Just beware that not all colors are available in all areas, and some models were only added to the fleet in a single color. For example the Zoe ZE40, LEAF, and i3 are only available in white I believe.


Amazing, thanks both :blush:

I’m getting my first EV next month, knowing my luck I’ll get a pink one! (I’m a bloke) :rofl: :rofl:

Thankfully no models in the Onto fleet that I am aware of are stocked in pink!

I See you ordered a Zoe. You’ll almost definitely get the color you picked at the time of booking, but if not you don’t need to worry as none of them are particularly offensive. Flame Red is personally my favorite.

(Onto stock all colors above, except for Aconite)

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Thank you for your reply and yes, looking forward to the Zoe! To be fair, even if I did get a pink one, I’d still drive it. It’d be worth it just to see the looks on people’s faces when they see a 6" tall bloke climbing out of a pink EV in Tesco’s car park :rofl: :rofl:


I absolutely love the Aconite Zoe, there’s one round where I live and it looks absolutely splendid