NEW VW Cars (E-Up & ID.3)

The price is the same as the Zoe ZE40. Comparing the two you’re getting slower AC charging, less range, less space from an overall smaller car, and it’s just not going to feel as solid.

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Ahh ok it seems like a nicer looking car inside and out, may be popular based on looks alone the Zoe is kinda boring I think

Absolutely. Everyone has their own tastes and often the looks take priority over the more practical side of things. It may do very well. I’m just saying on paper at that price point it definitely has some disadvantages over the Zoe Dynamique.

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Haven’t been able to quickly find any more recent head-to-head reviews based on the correct versions, but this one from way back in 2014 gave it to the VW, seemingly based mainly on it being more desirable and higher quality feeling than the Zoe.

Depends on individual circumstances I suppose — for quite a few people considering either of the lowest price options it may just be a 2nd car for short runs, and so charging and range (and possibly even space) may not really be factor at all.

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So what do we reckon the price for the ID.3 is going to be?


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Between DS3 prestige and Kona? LOL

I have the Kona. Is the ID.3 larger or smaller than the Kona?

As there is such a price difference between the top and bottom, it all depends on which trim/engine is offered. Could be anywhere between £449 and £599 a month I reckon.


First time this has ever been said about a VW compared to a Renault :wink:


See the post by @BillN above for a great size comparison.

Images are linked below for ease…

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Yeah, just for fun I had a look at the list prices for some of Onto’s cars in the specs offered by onto and they don’t actually differ that much, so I guess it all comes down to how much discount from the manufacturers they get.

All after £2,500 grant:

Hyundai Ioniq Premium - £30,550

Hyundai Kona Ultimate 64kWh - £37,200

Peugeot e-208 GT (the new GT) - £30,475

Renault Zoe GT Line - £32,095

VW e-up - £21,410

VW ID.3 Style (mid-Spec I believe) - £33,105

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Exactly. Intrinsic within my guess is also a guess on the spec. Lol

The Up that I briefly tried in the past didn’t feel very substantial at all. It felt cheap and tinny like any other very small car would. The Zoe is more solid and heavy feeling, even if it is subject to Renault’s less than ideal build quality.

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ID.4 school run version now available…could be a possible future Onto offering, perhaps.


Hope so.

I think it is the size of car that is missing from the fleet.

I would definitely look at changing to it.

Any more thoughts on this @Koda because your observation is still true. Only the Seat version seemed to be readily available. VW were concentrating on the ID.3 and didn’t need the e-Up to offset the CO2 emissions on their ICE.

Perhaps they just prefer to supply batches to fleet buyers. Forty now, and didn’t I read somewhere future batches as well?

I’m still really surprised this was one of the cars to be announced. It was definitely near the very bottom of the list of cars I was thinking of originally.

They did really well to get 40 of them in one go. When looking into it in the past for a car club that has a very good relationship with VW already they didn’t seem especially interested in entertaining a fleet order of them. I think in the end only 6 were ordered and with a very long lead time to get them.

I just hope for Onto’s sake that they can get more to keep up with demand if they do end up being more popular than I expected.


Well early signs are looking good for them. I just checked back on the booking system. All the UPs assigned to the North are now booked out already.

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I hope they’ve ordered more than 40 ID.3. Otherwise there will be a lot of disappointed customers!