NEW VW Cars (E-Up & ID.3)

So… rumour has it… :wink:

  1. Volkswagen E-Up (CONFIRMED/ANNOUNCED today)
  2. Volkswagen ID.4 (announcing in the following week??)

What do we think if this is true?

Do we think the E-Up could be on par with Zoe pricing?

Personally I’m waiting for my E-208 GT delivery next week.
Neither of these cars I’d consider swapping it for…

What’s everyones thoughts?

OK, so the rumour of the E-UP have turned out to be true…
… what if the ID.4 is also true ??

How do you all feel about the missing ID.3 :thinking:

It’s hard enough to buy one of these, never mind a large fleet order of the things!
I’d be very surprised if this was to be announced today.


If the rumour is true, then I’ll definitely be sticking with the e208.


I’m curious what others here would even be happy to pay for an E-Up?

To me, it would make no sense if it was any higher than a Zoe ZE40. And if it was over £300/Month I can’t see many picking it over Onto’s cheapest Zoe.

It’s a smaller, more basic car with less range and slower charging.

Would have to be under £350 to even be considered by most I think.

Whilst of no interest to me personally at this point in time, I think the E-Up would make a good subject for a subscription model if the price were right.

For households with two cars, one of which is “non-essential” and generally picks up duties of local commuting, school run, shopping, popping to friends and can be axed at a months’ notice if circumstances change… I think it could be a useful step in mass adoption.

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I think the interior feels a little more alive in the VW range.
Sporty steering wheel, more advance looking dashboard, it at least appears to be a more likeable place to spend some time inside.
Range and slow charging don’t really cause an issue for a big proportion of EV drivers who are using them in inner city’s.

It’s like comparing a Polo to a Clio… you pay for branding and comforts.

I think it could be clever of On.To to use the E-UP instead of ID.3 and skip straight to the ID.4
Maybe the pricing will reflect this decision…

I dont agree with the “slower charging” statement at all when compared to Onto’s ZE40s, as they only have 22kW AC charging. I have done some long trips when i was part of Onto, but that was the main point that made me get rid of the ZE40 to be honest. I had some troubles charging at some particular locations where although they were available chargers these were only CCS/Chademo (instavolt for example)

I 100% agree that the e-up and sibiling CCS charging speeds are a bit too low to put it nicely (I think it’s around 50min for a 10-80%), but when compared to ZE40 this is on par but at least you can connect to CCS when needed.

If the e-up was offered at the correct price, having CCS (although not very fast) at least gives you the peace of mind that in the event of a longer trip, you will be able to connect it to CCS units, which with the ZE40 sometimes was a pain.

I guess that it will all come down to: at what price

e-up from onto would have to be at similar or competitive prices to the original ZE40 £289 kind of thing to make it workable between the low-tech but including charging solutions and all inclusive pricing

@GreekIronMan does your informant concur?

@EJD is your source more believable than the above?

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I should have clarified that I meant AC. If you have single phase the best you are going to get is 3kW. It’s disappointed many people. Even on 3-Phase you’re not going to get more than 7kW. It does now have CCS and will do 30kW or so from what I have seen. With that in mind, paired with the shorer range I would personally be picking the Zoe as it would be far more versatile.

More believable than a sub £300/Month volkswagen :rofl:

(On 2nd thoughts, Wagonex have it at £299/Month for 3 month options)

I think that, in some cases at least, that can be changed not from the app/OBD port connection to get a full 7kW 1phase charging

Haha I won’t say word for word what I was told. But I specifically mentioned ID.3 and their reply was pretty hopeful. I didn’t actually consider the ID.4 to be honest as I see the Kona being the main player in that size and considering they just added the Ultimate version.

As a business, the VW ID.4 would make more sense from the ID range, they could also put the price a little higher than the Kona to offer a premium version at that size point which seems to be the way Onto work when you look at the options by car size.

For what it’s worth, wouldn’t even entertain the E-Up.

I know VW called it an ID.3 because it’s supposedly the third iteration of their world car, but with the ID.4 now appearing, that gives the possibility of an A and/or B segment called the ID.1 and/or ID.2.

Personally, or joining the fleet?

Personally. My hunch is the new cars will be ID.3 and ID.4 but don’t quote me on it if I’m completely wrong!

Honda-e would be a laugh as well. Saw one the other day and in all black it does look very cool but I know range isn’t ideal for most, but would actually be okay for me in London.

I would order an ID4 depending on price point, I was kind of leaning towards swapping to the ID3 if/when it’s announced

No one thinking the German brand is Porsche? Taycan would be a nice birthday treat for the month!

We don’t need to quote you, you’ve said it yourself quite clearly in your posts. You realise your future credibility rests on what new vehicle ONTO announce in the next couple of days? I will start a new thread called “The Naughty Step” from where you will have to pronounce all your future utterances until you’ve learned your lesson :wink:


I really hope it’s not Porsche and considering how hard it is to even get a mid price car right now they’d be a bit silly go and sign some more top tier models to the fleet when they’d probably get more new customers from more reasonably priced cars.

Haha don’t expect to see me anywhere on the forum if one of them isn’t an ID.3

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