New vehicle

I am sure there was a hint from Onto about new vehicles coming in September?! Nothing was announced at the end and it’s October already!

It was announced at the meet and greet Epping Forest event, see the thread for pics.
It’s the Tesla Model Y

So many other vehicles which a cheaper and better quality build which are available from Toyota, Renault, Kia will be much better option. Such disappointment.


But not available in quantity and the correct deal for the Onto business model.
Other makes/models will undoubtedly follow, but only when the right deal can be struck and manufacturers can supply enough cars to add to the fleet.

Most manufacturers are concentrating sales to individuals rather than fleets as they can make more money with less volume production.


What am I missing from Toyota that’s so…… oh yeah. The Buz4ux thingy…. Mmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Or Nissan Ariya. Cannot believe that Onto overlooking this brands

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They aren’t overlooking these brands. As has already been said there’s a lot of work that has to be done behind the scenes between Onto and the manufacturer to reach a deal that works for both parties. Not only financially, but also in terms of the quantities and timescales that they need to meet.

I would be amazed if Onto hadn’t talked to other brands like Nissan recently in an attempt to secure such a deal. They have previously had a relationship as both the Evezy/Onto and RentE brands offered the LEAF In the fleet. So no reason to believe they wouldn’t again in future if the numbers make sense.


This why most Salary Sacrifice cars are now on 6+ month lead time, including mine… And OntO will have to join the queue behind all the other Lease / Fleet companies…

I also dont want OntO to touch Toyota with a barge pole, they are very anti EV, and the BZ4X issues just compounds how much care they show… build quality now on par with Lada…

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At every meeting I have been to, the CEO and co-founder, Rob Jolly, and the CCO, Rui Ferreira have consistently spoken of the regular ongoing discussions Onto have with every manufacturer there is, including those who are/or will be entering the U.K. market in the near future.

If we hadn’t had the ‘perfect storm’ of covid, chip shortages, supplier issues, energy crisis, war in Ukraine in the last few years the EV supply and transition would probably be a lot further along with greater choice of vehicles makes/models. However the ‘slump’ is likely to be felt for a year or two yet.


New Delivery from ONTO this morning, love it already sad to say bye bye to my Ioniq though.


Getting any bulk vehicles as a fleet customer is near impossible at the minute. The Ariya has not long been released so will be even more geared for the retail market. The fact ONTO are bringing a new vehicle in at all is impressive in the current climate, i have constant daily battles trying to secure vehicles on the fleet side. So thanks ONTO for offering another vehicle. Cant wait to upgrade the model 3 to the Model Y


Stunner in that colour scheme.

Having test driven three of the Stellantis rashes…. I mean cars …… including ë-C4 and Pug e-2008, and now lived with the Mokky, I have to say they all are pretty impressive (efficiency/range aside) if anyone’s thinking of them.

A totally new one is a nice bonus too - enjoy!!


It has been improved to get more milage and has different gearshift also as Tish explains in video :grinning:


Have you found the efficiency stats that Tish was looking for? Weren’t Peugeot changing the badge to a black shield design ?

Not looked for them yet, but will over the weekend

I keep been tempted by the 2008 or the Mokka-E before the P*2 arrives…

Might be one for after the wedding :slight_smile:


Have Onto’s Car pages not been updated - they seem to be showing 2021 spec… :thinking:….

I believe they still have 2021 cars on the fleet, so that makes it a bit of a tricky one.