New to Onto - Excited! Any Onto Customer reviews on ID.3?

Hi all!

I’m based in Northamptonshire and have always thought Electric cars were not really good and didn’t want one at all. My last job had a salary sacrifice scheme and they offered me a ZOE, my instant reaction was “NO THANKS!”.

Driving mainly sports cars for the last 5 years I’ve not thought anything of going Electric until I got a new job with VOI, based in Northampton my job is to change Electric Scooter Batteries on the “Graveyard” shift (10pm to 6am) and move scooters around Northampton to better areas.

We obviously, being an Electric Scooter company, drive Mercedes E-Vitos. Which aren’t great with their mileage, considering they are somewhat of a premium brand vehicle, everything is amazing in terms of tech and features, but the mileage is downright outrageous!

I’ve had my eye on ONTO for a few months now, wasn’t until this past Tuesday I decided to try order one, didn’t even read the reviews apart from knowing the Kona seems to be a top pick. Tried to get one but only gave me an option for the ID.3.

Initial thoughts is it looks really nice, and the range seems very efficient for me. What I was wanting essientially was less outgoings each month for Petrol, Insurance, Tax etc. Currently have a sinkhole of a Jaguar S-Type 2004, which will be leaving my driveway when I get the ID.3 on Wednesday (Fingers crossed)!

Anyone have any decent real world reviews as a Onto customer of the ID.3 Life Pro? I’ve seen a bunch of reviews on Youtube but not sure if they are the exact same model as what ONTO provides.

I’ve also been keen on the Kona as well, do they usually come back in the booking/swap options often? I haven’t seen one in the booking page for a few days now.

Cheers all!


There are a few reviews from other owners in this thread: First VW ID.3 to be Delivered

Not full on in depth but if you have any specific questions I’m sure they’ll get answered! :slight_smile:

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Mine is delivered Monday and will be doing a full review on my YouTube channel
Mr honest ev

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The Onto aspect doesn’t really affect the car at all anymore now that the key comes with every car.

I would say that most of the key things that are typically spoken about in YouTube reviews will be broadly the same whether it’s a Life model, a Family model or a 1st Edition model.

Here are some Life specific videos I’ve found previously:

(But note - the Onto Life models have 18” alloy wheels so look better than this car)

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The Onto ‘Life’ cars look like this (subject to colour of course) - with these wheels.


A fan of your channel and have already subscribed! Look forward to the review!

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Thank you! I didn’t see this one.

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I’d be very interested to hear more about the electric scooter scheme and your thoughts on the Mercedes E-Vitos, with photos of course! Perhaps start two new dedicated threads so we can find them easily. ONTO may be considering offering both!

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For some reason I thought scooter as in a Vespa kind of thing. Could see Onto maybe one day offering electric motorbikes - not sure about scooters like this given they aren’t legal on the road except in specified areas.

If they were legal everywhere though, imagine how awesome it’d be if Onto partnered with someone like Voi to offer subscribers a scooter in addition to the car.

So, for an extra amount each month, your car is delivered with a Voi scooter in the boot!

I should have a few photos, I’ll create a new thread shortly about the E-Vitos.

The scooters aren’t actually road scooters, just the ones you stand on. Restricted to certain cities and illegal to buy your own.

I do know that VOI are testing our fully electric Mopeds (We have one at our depot) but not road legal yet and I think its on the backburner for a couple months.

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Yep I am in two minds as are all of us at the Depot I work out of about the laws. But won’t get into that any further. I will say though that these Electric scooters are the future for urban mobility. I always find it amusing when we come across a scooter parked across from one of them little auto robot things (Starship I think they are called?).

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Haha, that would be cool. VOI are slowly deploying a rental scheme whereby you pay £30 a month to “Own” the scooter. A common issue at the moment is people are leaving the scooters outside work and then someone else takes it. They then have to walk home, but I think in Manchester VOI have deployed the rental scheme. Which in fairness, for the price is quite amazing. The batteries on them tend to last between 30 - 40 miles of travel, limited to 14mph so not too bad.


I seriously think the idea of offering one with an Onto car could be a goer. Would be so handy for ‘last mile’ transport when charging or just whenever.

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being ‘not remotely interested’ and 5 being ‘sign me up right now’) how would people respond to such an offer? (Assuming the law gets updated to allow use in most areas)

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My city also have the E-Scooter trial going on and I have found them to be super fun and convenient. If they were to be made road-legal (outside of these trials) I would totally buy one for myself to keep in the trunk, or definitely consider making use of an add-on like you suggest here with Onto.


Some good, recent owner opinions on the ID.3 here:

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I am lethal on a scooter! To me and anyone within 10 metres. :older_man:


They are lots of fun! The benefit for us is we get to use them and not pay for it (Whilst working ofcourse). Good little things, quite nippy too. A shame that they have such a negative reputation because parents are signing up and letting their kids use them.